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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

life's not fair.

so basically jonathan has lost 6 lbs...
6 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what the heck??
oh how much have I lost?
really fat? really?
he still eats 3 times as much as me..and is just dropping it like it is hot! i'm eating high fiber english muffins with one egg..and he eats 8 waffles...with syrup.
But, i am not defeated..i am not dismayed..i am only determined.
hehehe (nervous laugh)

On a side note: i head to North Carolina this weekend to pick up my beautiful mother in law and bring her home for a few weeks. this will be fabulous. she is amazing. i will post more about her another day.

excuse me while i try to lose 5 lbs immediately!

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