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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dear jesus...

have you ever wondered what is a legitimate prayer? sometimes i'll be praying about something silly, like..dear jesus..can you please make athletic? then i'll feel a little guilty and throw in something more spitiually pleasing..like..dear jesus..please make me athletic, so that i may run the race for you kingdom..yeah..that sounds better
but seriously, i want to be good at something..like really talented. i am talented at making friends, and keeping them, i'm talented at conversation, and socially acceptable situations. i'm not bragging, just facts. but i want to be talented and creative with art, and design, and etc. can i ask jesus to make me more creative? or maybe he has always had me pegged for creativity and i just never tapped into it? either way, i have dubbed myself a designer, whatever it looks like for me... and i am excited to see how the lord wants me to expand my creativity...and maybe that is where faith comes in.
jesus asks us to follow him..and sometimes we don't know how it is possible, or how it is supposed to look like..but we do it..and we fail, and we pick up our cross again, and follow. i guess that is what it is about, continuing the race, athleticism or not :)
yeah..that's it..i will fail, but i will pick up my needle and thread, or can of spray paint..and i will try.

here goes my blank canvas...i'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i use to have a theory. only mom's know how to pick out fruit. almost as if it was an acquired instinct. i remember being little and waiting ever so impatiently, for my mom to pick out fruit..she would squeeze, smell, scrutinize, flip it upside down, etc..i was in awe(i was weird). i usually go into the produce aisle, looking for a an older women to pick out fruit with..i kinda just stand there confidently pretending to look myself..but i of course never had those skills. i love grocery shopping.
yesterday, i walked into the grocery store wanting to find some watermelon or as my sister used to say "wallermelon"...i picked one up, smelled the end..i saw that once ( i of course smelled nothing).. there were no mom's around..so i just grabbed it anyway..looking like a fruit professional...
And it worked, maybe because i played the role so well ;)
whatever it was....i have the most scrumptious watermelon for lunch today...

Monday, June 6, 2011

oh hey

it's been awhile...so much to update.
Basically..I have become designed obsessed..who knew..my husband likes to keep teasing me about my "new things":

"i'm gonna start cooking"-Me
"ok" -husband
then i proceeded to try a complicated beef stew recipe and 7 hours after starting the process...my husband was sleepy (11pm) and hungry...i swore off cooking

"i'm gonna start working out everyday"
"ha, ok"
i went like twice..but i didn't like being so sore ;)

this pattern has included, playing piano, writing in my journal, waking up every morning and reading my bible, walking jack everyday, and so on and so on...

so i have some commitment issues..raise your hand if you aren't surprised..if you are reading this and you really raised your hand...how rude! and dumb since you are probably sitting in a coffee shop and people are staring.

but one thing hasn't been disuaded or excused away..i am now an interior designer...
it was pretty easy actually..i just declared it..kinda like when michael scott declared bankruptcy. click here to understand better...

so you get to follow my journey...
applaud with excitement...if you really just applauded...that is awesome.