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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


if you didn't think i shovel spoonfuls of this right here, on my lunch break when i'm too busy to eat, into my mouth....

you would be wrong.


i have been mia for a bit when it comes to the blog. life got busy, and my exhaustion, and new obsession with Downton Abbey kept me from blogging.

Updates on the last week:

1. thomas is such a scoundrel! (what? i'm alotted a DA reference as a life update..afterall DA has been my life lately..)

2. baby G is just so blasted cute i cannot stand it...

3. my sister has had a rough go of it post pregnancy, but is still a champion in my eyes...afterall, baby G make look tiny but when held up to your...well you know...baby G is GINORMOUS!

4.my lovely bff Caris, is due on the 10th, but is possibly in labor now...she told like it was nbd, but she is like that..strong and simple, two things i am NOT. (oh yeah..don't drink the water..everyone is pregnant..i've been buying mine bottled, then boiling it for extra assurance..this womb is empty till further instructions)

5.one of my other bff's just moved in with the MR and me...so. much. fun..although, with the loud obnoxious voices we do, i'm not sure my husband knows what to do with us. (he secretly loves it...i'm sure). but seriously, having a bff here 247 is awesome..it is like we are roommates...but cannot sleep in the same bed because there is a boy there too..and that wouldn't be how this house runs. ahem.
moving right along....

6. i love my red hair. but this whole, "gotta get it done every 3 weeks" thing...is really putting a damper on my shopping addiction...(didn't mean to say that out loud...but then again if i can easily say that..then i don't have a problem...right?), when you have blondish roots growing from bright red hair, it is fugly. why is it that when you have to make an appt. all of the sudden your hairdresser is unavailable till next week, and your hair is instantly worse before you knew that....?

7. 58daystillmadridandi'msofreakingexcitedicannotevenstandit.

8. Saturday was like the best day ever. My day literally was randomly unexpected and wonderful in every way kinda day. friends came over to watch the game, and then just never left..ha. at one point, there were 6 girls here and we were all in the kitchen, eating and laughing and i realized...they had all lived in this house with me at one time. so crazy. and so wonderful to have everyone here again. i am such a sucker for "remember whens" and there were a lot of them that day.

i have a very full and wonderful life.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


it is true. in 64 days. i will be heading to spain.

Clemence lives in Madrid, and has some time off in april, so i am joining her for a glorious week of the following:

walking through the crowded beautiful streets of madrid, arms linked, snapping pics of beautiful people and their beautiful clothes.
Like the Puerta Del Sol:
File:Puerta del Sol (Madrid) 06.jpg

sip coffee in sidewalk cafes, while we catch up on life, and ponder the future....i'm sure we will also discuss the fascinating people watching we will see.
Sidewalk Cafe in Madrid [CB064525]

Walk through Ritiro Park, canoeing, picnicking,
File:Buen Retiro Park, Madrid.jpg

Gawking at the Crystal Palace:

File:Palacio de Cristal (Retiro, Madrid) 11.jpg

Then we will head for Seville Spain for 3 nights:
File:Seville 04.jpg

with day trips to Cadiz:

cadiz on the costa de la luz


Needless to say, it will be epic, and perfect..wish you could come with :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Product Endorsement

(photo source)

I LOVE jewelry.
you can seriously where the crappiest shirt/outfit and if you have great jewelry on, it makes all the difference. bracelets are usually my weakness..i have a million. i have to give credit to my beautiful friend Cara H. for turning me on to them. when we lived together i would know she was home by hearing the jingle jangle of her bracelets clicking together...(she has the BEST bracelets because they are from far off places like..china)

anyway, i just love the look of tons of bangles, and multiple necklaces of different shades of metals (i love mixing metals), or bright bold earrings...jewelry is just soooo much fun!
i just stumbled across this jewelry site on HelloGiggles.com
It is called JewelMint
it is AWESOME. i love the jewelry, and it is super affordable. plus, you get 50% off your first purchase!
That is fantastic!

So of course..i had to buy something :)

check out this awesome necklace

guess who's bday is coming up??


ok..it is kinda a way's away still...but since my friends are already starting to plan their schedule for an outing..i feel like this post is apropo.

I have had my eye on a few things that i am hoping to get (wink wink...hint hint)

1.) oversized clutch

I really like these, and think it would be great for spain.
hard to choose a color though (american apparel clutch)

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette:

It is kinda expensive for eye shadow, but worth the investment. it is really natural looking and great for traveling.

3. Long chiffon maxi skirt:

like this one from Forever21 (so girly and fem!)

those are the 3 things on my wish list....
for now :)

Gabrielle Adaia

nothing could prepare me for what i would feel for this little ginger.
she is perfect, and tiny, and has bright fuzzy red/orange hair.

i am in love.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting for Lil Gbaby

It is finally here. My sister has been in labor for nearly 24 hrs.. She is a warrior. It has definitely not gone the way she had hoped... But then again, you can never predict how it will go.
The waiting room is loud, hilarious, entertaining, dramatic..you get the picture...and it is all family members waiting for this baby.
We have had a few others join us, waiting for their loved ones to deliver...they usually don't last long... We have been very jealous of these women's fastly dilating cervix's.
I got to see her, my sister, for a few minutes and she looked beautiful! Relaxed and ready (this may or may not have been from the epidural)..either way, she had my complete respect..they had given her pitocin, and she labored for 6 hrs w/o drugs..I don't know much about having a baby but apparently this is amazing.
So we all sit..watching sad movies on tbs, eating crap out of the vending machine..taking funny pictures and waiting..and waiting.. I love this.
My cute papa, first time grandpa, just made a dunkin donuts run... We all discussed leaving a trying to rest up(since it will still be awhile)... But no one seems to have the guts to leave... It is just too darn exciting!
This isn't just a baby. This is the 1st, for us to be aunts, them to grandparents, and Rachel and Packy to be parents..this baby is epic.
Pics to come!
(oh yeah and some very exciting news...I'm going to SPAIN)

Friday, January 13, 2012

is this real life??

if you are like me, when you read someone's blog you think, "wow, their life is so glamorous and adventurous."....you thought that about mine...right? right?!
well..if you did, or didn't think i am as glamorous as i sound...here are my myth busting realities:

I am a travel agent, who jet sets around the world. Living one adventurous trip to another....

this is my corner office with a "view"

real glamorous huh? i take a trip maybe 2-3 times a year...for a few days...all the other 345 days in the office, are sitting at this desk, looking at this wall.

I am a fashionable individual always looking for the hottest, latest, designer looks and accessories....
my favorite stores are target, and forever 21...because they are CHEAP. I love the look of designer clothes, and love photos of beautiful people and their beautiful clothing. but i could care less who made it. I love the site the sartorialist, but those shots aren't always of people wearing designer pieces..they are regular people like me who enjoy clothes. if i love it and look good in it, that is great, if it was $5 at goodwill...EVEN BETTER!

I enjoy fine decor and home design...
the reason my unfinished room is unfinished..is not because i can't make up my design mind....it is because i cannot afford to finish it yet...furniture takes time...because it is $$$$$$

I am married to a wonderful man and have the perfect marriage...
although i am married to a wonderful man...marriage has been anything but easy for us...it is the hardest thing i have ever done..
i've never been a wife...he has never been a husband..and although we look great together.. (haha) we have had to WORK and being together. the last two years (and the first) of our marriage have been the hardest years of my life...yet, sooooo soooo very worth it.

I have the perfect family who loves each other all the time...
we are faaaaar from perfect. we have drama...sometimes we should've been on maury povich with the drama we have had. but we choose to love each other, and let things go...it takes time to let it go, but we sacrifice, out of love for one another...

My husband and I are wealthy, with our Caribbean vacations, and fancy technology....

we work very hard. very very hard. and have been blessed by free vacations (perks of a TA), our house...we rent, for VERY cheap from my uncle. We have paid off all our debt (PRAISE THE LORD), which makes a WORLD of a difference in this economy.
I do not share these things for to boast, but to call a spade a spade. the Mr and I had $50 in our bank account after our wedding. and we had about $600 in bills to pay...how we ended up paying for those bills...is only by the grace of God...we pray for God to provide, but we also look for ways to bless others. We are very grateful and always give credit to God for where we are right now, which makes us very pleased to be able to give to others in need.
(he blesses those who blesses others...)

I feel beautiful and confident...
I'm not sure if i have ever expressed this on my blog, or given this impression. It is very far from the truth/reality. I have terrible self esteem. I am my worst critic, always have been. I have days I feel confident, but they are few and far between. There was a time i thought being married would make me feel prettier...wow..was that a test. Although the MR thinks i'm beautiful...he has a very hard time expressing it to me. 2011 was a year where i had to really understand that beauty is within, and only the Lord can truly make me feel lovely..inside and out.

This list is definitely not extensive enough..but in a world where we have piniterest, and fashion blogs, facebook, etc...
everyones world is right in front of us...sometimes their world is real and fancy..and sometimes it is just pretend

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

you know it has been a long day when....

your husband wants to take you out to a fancy dinner...but instead you convince him that staying home and eating chili...while never leaving the couch...is a better idea...



Update 1.
It has been almost 2 weeks now of early morning rising. Still successful, and yet still so hard. Especially right now...i left my cozy bed, with my cozy warm husband to sit on the couch in the dark...while it rains...which makes it even harder...something about rain...you don't want to get out of bed!

BUT, my coffee was brewing, and I have committed to this. I WILL PREVAIL!

Update 2.
My sister hasn't gone into labor yet. She is due Sunday so we still technically have a few days but...geez...anticipation is at an all time high! Get this baby out of me! ...uh i mean her!

Update 3.
I am looking into 5k's. Thanks to my sweet friend Cara Dee, who would love to do one with me, there are a few races coming up that she sent me schedules for. She isn't a runner either...so we are gonna try doing it together....we haven't started yet...but we will...i promise.

Update 4.
My hubs said he will take me to Chicago this year, for sure. Yeah..i haven't been there either. He says we will definitely do Chicago, and hopefully squeeze in NYC too! woo hoo! NYC may not happen if this last update happens....

Update 5.
this is my favorite update....
I may be going to these 2 places in April:

(madrid, spain)

(santorini, greece)


Clemence lives in Spain right now, this girl right here
And I really feel like i'm supposed to see her this year...so we are planning an adventure. We will either stay in Spain...and tour around...which is perfectly wonderful...or we will go to Greece together....which is stupidly grand in every way :)

2012...it has been very very very nice to meet you, i think we will be great friends.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

picking the right husband..

this rule is very important:
pick a husband with the same musical taste as you.

if you follow this, you will NOT be disappointed.

i like a lot of adele, sarah, kt, regina, florence, missy, ingrid, etc... and ya know what?

i knew my husband since i was 18. i never really saw him in any other way, but a friend. years went by, and we started hanging out in the same circle all the time. and one day he said, "hey have you ever heard of a fine frenzy?"
i had. and was currently playing "almost lover" on repeat every chance i could get, and i would ugly cry to it as i sang to the top of my lungs..(i was going through a rough time)...but did i tell him this??
no. i simply replied, "love her".
this was the first spark of our relationship.

our story is much more interesting than that. but that is all you get for now.

i'm not a musician, but he is. he loves to show me "tasty licks", "nasty beats" and "sick funk"....these would probably gross people out if you had no idea what they referenced...but these are common phrases/occurrences in our home. and you cannot say them with out doing this face, called the stank face. which is the combination of smelling something foul, but you kinda like it. doing this face, and using one of those phrases is a huge compliment to anyone who is a musician.

anyway, i am a huge music fan. and so is the Mr. and every now and then we do not like an artist the other likes..for him it's Rufus Wainwright. whom i love. and for me, it's Dave Matthews. he loves him.
one time, i was showing him some of my favorite songs, and he said, "you like a lot of man hating/angsty music...ha..
overall, we love the same music. steely dan, fleetwood, eagles, foreigner, etc..
and i think that is really important for a healthy marriage. i love that he will go put on pandora for us and it's on feist, or norah jones. and he is just singing and grooving away with his air drums...(air guitar is forbidden in my house).

and now i still sing "almost lover" at the top of my lungs, without the tears, while washing dishes...with the Mr, singing harmony right next to me.

this is a small, lovely facet to my marriage.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

almost there...

well, happy 2012!
aren't we all supposed to be living like the jetsons at this point? i'm pretty sure in the jetsons movie it's 2012...don't quote me on that. (btw i love the jetsons movie, and recently watched it..and it was as glorious as i remembered)

well this new year didn't bring flying cars, or space adventures..but it did bring resolutions fulfilled.
i usually don't make resolutions, but this year, i found myself holding onto a few things that i was determined to make happen. You may remember my bucket list post...i'm happy to report that a few things have been crossed off, or are on their way to being crossed off...
First off:
i wore fake eye lashes...not just once, but twice :)
i was determined to look glamorous on nye. i was hoping for an "epic" night..maybe with dancing...but no..my night was the exact opposite of glamorous. some friends had us over for games and snacks in our pjs. yep. pj's.
not exactly nye glamor. buuut.
i wore bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes anyway :)
sometimes you just gotta do it..even if the circumstances are less than perfect.
(we had a blast by the way)

2nd thing.
Morning Person.
Although this one isn't quite accomplished..i'm happy to say that this whole week has consisted of me rising earlier than normal and reading my bible, drinking coffee, and yes..this morning, blogging.
it has been hard. but not as hard as i thought. in fact, i've looked forward to it. my little personal hour to be alone and enjoy my room(the infamous unfinished one).

key ingredients to becoming a morning person:
automatic coffee maker-just discovered these buttons on my coffee pot..great invention
large, warm robe-part of not wanting to get out of bed is because it's cold out there! but this helps me get going..and is not far from reach once the covers are off.
getting to bed early-this is a no brainer...helps so much
jack-(not daniels..although....jk) having my quiet companion lay beside me is quite comforting. he lays there and just watches me and lets me tuck my feet underneath his mangy fur.
baby steps- becoming a morning person isn't going to be easy. so i have not set my alarm for 6am or anything like that...the first morning i set it for 30 min earlier than usual...and each morning i increase it. it you go too overboard, you won't do it. it has to be gradual.

These have been my key ingredients. But something important to remember:
part of committing to something in your heart and mind, means doing it even if the "ideal" or "desired" ingredients or elements aren't in place. A few nights have been rough for me...i've had a dreadful cold, but i still had to get up. I almost felt like it was an attack, trying to keep me from pursuing my hearts desires...well i am not giving up yet.