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Thursday, August 11, 2011

and then there were two.

it's not everyday that your plans aren't just altered, but completely and utterly devastated.

vacation was great. we spent a few days with Jon's dad and stepmom, it was relaxing and yummy..so much food.

then we picked up his mom and sister and headed to Lake Tillery where his grandparents live (mom's side). it was perfect. we ate grrrrrreasy country cooking, sat on the porch and watched the deer (video/pics to follow), took turns singing while jon or Pawpa played..everything from johnny cash to janis joplin to hillsong. i could have stayed in that rocking chair for the rest of my life.
we took the boat out on the lake the next morning. it was gorgeous.
we cleaned up and had everything packed...then...
all plans changed.
my mother in law broke down, said she just couldn't do it. couldn't do it again. a new environment to learn was just too difficult for her. she wanted to stay at her parents, it would be easier there.
i was heartbroken. i still am.
so Cami stayed a few more days, and will fly home later this weekend...and jon and i left.
i only had 24hrs with her.

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