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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tonight is the night!

tonight we find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl...
drama city.

pretty much everyone thinks it will be a boy...because after all, the carroll's need a boy eventually, brother in laws help with the estrogen filled family...but they don't help that much.

i'm team girl. i feel like it is a girl. i have no medical backing or wives tales helping me with this hypothesis. but it's a girl. so i have pink on..ick. that's how confident i am (i hate wearing pink).

anyway, they are throwing a "gender reveal" party..which, when i say that, makes me think of lady gaga.

they got the news this morning of the gender, the nurse wrote it on a card and my sister and brother in law took it into a bakery and had a cake made. the outside will just be a neutral color, and the inside will either be blue or pink.
fun nest part about this, my sister and husband don't know the sex either!
So when they cut into the cake, they found out with the other 23 people at this party :)

sooooo fun!!! ya'll, if it's a boy..there will be mass hysteria. mass.

tune in tomorrow for the results :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"you've got to pucker up your lips..like dees"

love that crab!

ladies, if you want a natural way to pump yo lips...put a few drops of cinnamon oil in your fav lip gloss tube..and voila! instant lip plumper! you can get natural cinnamon oil at any local health food store, like Whole Foods, it costs around $7 but a little goes a LONG way!

(courtesy of the lovely cara)

WARNING: said oil will add lots of volume, but it will also hurt like a mutha, it will also create a tingling then numbing sensation to your lips. this is completely normal. and shockingly, it will keep you coming back for more..despite the pain..
you know what they say, beauty for pain :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday thoughts

today..i need some endurance. please pray for that. oh i need some patience too! k thanks

now onto something equally important...
EmergencyC has caramel coloring :(
so sad. i loved this stuff

why is this bad? well you see caramel coloring is a carcinogen..which is bad
"Caramel coloring is burnt sugar. Ask any biologist about burnt sugar, and he will tell you that it is a carcinogen. Additionally, scientists have used caramel coloring in lab experiments on mice to interfere with leukocyte action (white cells). In other words, caramel coloring is immunosuppressive. The FDA knows this and insures that anything containing caramel coloring must note this on the label. Just luckily, this immunosuppressive property of caramel coloring drops away when you quit ingesting it." (click here for more)

anyway- i need a pick me up..maybe i'll just think of my awesome YELLOW LEATHER JACKET i just bought :) now it needs to be fall so i can wear it and be awesome.

Have you ever seen anything more perfect? (that's not weird i promise)

well it's not as perfect as this:

or this

but the coat is close :)

my song today

listen and feel loved

God I look to You
I won't be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see things like You do
God I look to You
You're where my help comes from
Give me wisdom, You know just what to do

I will love You Lord my strength
And I will love you Lord my shield
And I will love You Lord my rock
Forever all my days I will love you God

Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns
Hallelujah our God reigns
Forever all my days Hallelujah

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sister #5

today i want to honor her.

this is my sister Stephanie (aka bootsie, wephers, wep, weppers, dirty ethel bonnie)

she is pretty freakin hilarious.

these are fake senior pictures. she wanted to send them out. hilar.

she is beautiful.
and loving.

2 years ago today, she sat in my living room, broken hearted, tears flowing freely, she told the Lord she wanted him back in her heart.
prior to this day, she left the church at 14 and hadn't come back. drugs and alcohol were her routine. she had wanted what the world had to offer.and thought it was the right decision. but God always knows better. He loved her just the same, and kept calling her back to Him..come home steph, come home.
and she did.
I am very very blessed that she chose to text me that day.
it was a simple text.
"i miss church"
i prayed before responding,
"you miss church, or you miss God"
i waited..
she wrote back an honest and lovely abbrev.

i convinced her to come over to my house so we could hang out. i baked friendship bread, as she sat at my table, talking about her feelings..and what all she would be giving up.
friends were her biggest concern. understandably.
would they understand? they hate God. will they hate me?
i didn't talk too much. i prayed and prayed. and had others praying as well.
finally she just said it, no pretense, "i need to come back to church"
i repeated my question from earlier, "back to God, or back to church?"
"both i guess" honest and blunt.
after many tears, hers and mine, she broke. she pleaded for forgiveness.
she prayed an timid and hopeful prayer. and she came HOME.
she hasn't looked back. it's been a beautiful transition, and each year she gets bolder and more confident about her love for the Lord.
so happy 2 years in the Lord my bootsie. i love you so much.

so far

i have picked a paint color for my room.
it is perfect. it only took about 4 mths to pick out..and with the help of an interior designer. who knew it would be so difficult?
i have painted two out of 5 walls..eek.
it's taking forever.
i'm such a whiner! wahhhh.
wanna see the color???

Comfort Grey-Sherwin Williams
I know what you are thinking..."it took you 4 mths to pick out a grey?"
the answer is yes..i have no other comments.
I really like it though..and eventually my room will be finished and it will be beautiful...but the husband informed me that furniture buying probably won't happen again until october...bleh.
that's ok..baby steps
I found a vintage coffee table at my favorite little vintage boutique in town Street Scenes. It is red and had coca cola written on it. ha. i'll paint over that..but i kinda like red up against this greenish/grey


Monday, August 22, 2011

feeling smelly

i had been looking for a new scent. not sure about paying big bucks, wanted something different. not your common perfume. and i read this blog. she mentioned this brand i had never heard of Tokyo Milk. Sounded delightfully different..so i looked up where they sold it here...and a coffee shop came up..the one i've been obsessed with lately..for there delicious passion fruit ice teas.
coincidence? i think not.
i stopped in on my way home from the community garden on saturday and tried the different scents. i had just picked some flowers, and shopped at the art fair, it was a delightful saturday, and i was feeling girly..and smelly..it was hot.
most of the fragrances were WAY too strong or too sweet. the poor guy working the counter, who could care less about my dilemma, said,..and i quote, "you should spend your money on something better than that...like steak." (said to a mostly vegetarian me)
great sales technique.
anyway..i found the scent i wanted..and it is lovely. i highly recommend it, and it is cheaper than most main stream perfumes.
it's called dead sexy. but if anyone asks what i'm wearing..
i will definitely just say, "tokyo milk" :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

dear garbage man..

best morning ever.
i was in the bathroom putting my make-up on, getting ready for work..when all of the sudden...i heard a familiar melody...i was taken back in time....then the lyrics started...
"Lazy yellow moon coming up tonight
Shining through the trees
Crickets are singing
And the lightning bugs are floating on the breeze
Baby get ready"

aw yeah.....i was transported to my granspa's van in Minnesota..where we (my 2 older sibs) would beg him to play that song..over and over and over again..poor gpa.
"You and me going fishing in the dark
Lying on our backs and counting the stars
Where the cool grass grows..."

then it hit me...where in the world is this music coming from..i peaked out the window and there is the garbage man..music cranked up, he was singing to the top of his lungs...and he collected the trash house by house on our street...

although other neighbors might not have appreciated his loud country music and his off key voice...
TO ME it was a sweet symphony..
keep on singing garbage man...

i hope tomorrow it's "clancy lowered the boom"...yeah..i guarantee you haven't heard that one...it's an old irish jig my gpa also played us :)

If you don't know "Fishing in the Dark"....get your life in order and listen!

Monday, August 15, 2011

braced for colder winds..

what i am pondering today:

1. i love weekends..why can't it be saturday or sunday everyday?

2. why do people take myspace pictures of them selves..still? why do people take pictures of themselves anyway? it is one thing when it is to show your, new hairdo, cute outfit..or for your blog...it is entirely another thing to take one or multiple of yourself and put it on facebook as you do a pouty face...if you are not keira knightly..than this is unacceptable.

3. i am a travel agent, who works for a large company, i am not William Shatner. it's easy to get me and him confused with the amazing negotiating we can both do..but i can not just intimidate an airline into giving you the lower price you would like..because you fell asleep while waiting for your page to load so you missed out on that great price, or your cat pushed some button while you were checking out and now you are on the wrong flights, etc. i told you my job was glamorous :)

4. today feels like autumn, which makes me happier than you would know.
today make me realize i am one step closer to it being the best season of all, full of, pumpkins and apples, bright yellow leaves, cinnamon on everything, scarves, boots, chili, stews and soups, and my favorite part of fall, my wedding anniversary on November 14th (2 years and mexico)
woo hoo...come on!

listen to this song and get inspired

"And even when the trees have just surrendered
To the harvest time
Forfeiting their leaves in late September
And sending us inside
Still I notice You when change begins
And I am braced for colder winds
I will offer thanks for what has been and was to come
You are autumn"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

pep in my step

so productive today.
cleaned the whole house, did the laundry, met with a designer, went grocery shopping, stopped for a passion fruit tea at coffee times, went shopping, made a pizza, watched a movie, baked a pound cake, painted a wall, fixed my man some dinner, and now i sit. finally.
meeting with the interior designer was so much fun. so many great ideas collaborating. she says i have great taste too :) i'll get more details later!

the pound cake is tote scrump. my mother in law(jon's stepmom) made some last weekend while we were in NC and jon and i could NOT stop gobbling down...despite that little competition we got going on.. (click here)

so, naturally, i got the recipe. and it is yummmmmmy.
and my weapon against jon this week...
only..it's just so hard to resist myself!

I think my motivation came from this pound cake. it has magic motivation powers...yeah that's it...
well..better rev up again..it's been about 10 min since i've snagged a nibble..uh i mean gave Jon some..yeah.. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

my space

not to be confused with social media outlet "myspace" which was totally weird and uncool (yes i had one)
This is actually about my space. my empty room.

did you want another view?

so very empty.
but soon this room will be this:



and this

and a little of this:

basically i want glamor, comfort, feminine, and vintage, all rolled into this one room..
and i meet with an interior designer tomorrow. i'm probably her worst nightmare.
but she is consulting for free, she is a friend, and i just want to get a little guidance, and a least a color decided for those walls!
stay tuned.

magic carpet ride

i did it..(man i am really overcoming this fear of commitment thing..)

i Erica F. got CONTACTS
what?? who am i? when did this happen??

well apparently i really am blind..ok..not really..but when your best friend is in the exam room with you and can't stop laughing at what the dr is saying..about how long i've gone with the same prescription (cough cough 7 years eek)..and how my life is about to change...
it's bad.
thanks cara :)
so i bit the bullet and have a month trial with these things...
what i have learned so far:
1. they are pretty easy to get in
2. i can see everything.
3. i can't believe how much better i can see...
4. seriously...see 2 and 3
5. the lyrics to "a whole new world" don't stop going through my head.."a dazzling place i never knew!"
6. Jonathan is super happy with me and get a kick about how happy i am, "don't you dare close your eyes, a new fantastic point of view"
7. how in the WORLD did i go without them??

ok..so i'm still learning much more. but that is the starting point.

now watch Aladdin..you know you want to :)

(aka no longer mr magoo)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

and then there were two.

it's not everyday that your plans aren't just altered, but completely and utterly devastated.

vacation was great. we spent a few days with Jon's dad and stepmom, it was relaxing and yummy..so much food.

then we picked up his mom and sister and headed to Lake Tillery where his grandparents live (mom's side). it was perfect. we ate grrrrrreasy country cooking, sat on the porch and watched the deer (video/pics to follow), took turns singing while jon or Pawpa played..everything from johnny cash to janis joplin to hillsong. i could have stayed in that rocking chair for the rest of my life.
we took the boat out on the lake the next morning. it was gorgeous.
we cleaned up and had everything packed...then...
all plans changed.
my mother in law broke down, said she just couldn't do it. couldn't do it again. a new environment to learn was just too difficult for her. she wanted to stay at her parents, it would be easier there.
i was heartbroken. i still am.
so Cami stayed a few more days, and will fly home later this weekend...and jon and i left.
i only had 24hrs with her.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

oh..and this..

I've had some extra time..don't judge.

Recently my french friend Alice and i spoke about yoga pants...and how, "french girls don't wear sweats out in public"...she said this with her adorable frenchie accent..as i was wearing yoga pants..it was said with love and affection..and i was not put off..i laughed..
then i stumbled across this article, hilarious, and insightful..
my friend cara dee once told me, "erica i never see you in just jeans"..part is i could never find jeans i loved on me..and 2nd part is.."just jeans" is boring to me..why not just a skirt and t? it's way more comfortable anyway :)
but i have been embracing jeans more, and i thought this article explains my love of dressing up (despite that whole yoga pants situation :)

full article here

"No more yoga pants-How to dress like a frenchwoman"
Keep it simple. French women like clean, minimal lines; think sheath dresses and slim jeans and sleek sweaters. These are pieces that are easy to wear -- a great pair of jeans and a sweater is just as comfortable and practical as yoga pants and a tee, and doesn’t require any more effort to put on. Keep hair and makeup simple, too; bare skin and a slick of lip gloss is fine for everyday. Exhausted from a night of kids who won’t sleep? That’s what sunglasses are for.

Attend to the details. The right accessories can make even the most basic outfit look elegant. French women have great shoes and bags; this is what elevates their look from basic to beautiful. Leave the worn out running shoes at home -- instead, wear ballet flats with your jeans, or strappy sandals with a dress. Treat yourself to a really fabulous bag and carry it everywhere. Throw on a big scarf or a cool necklace or a dramatic watch. So easy.

Invest in key pieces. Let’s talk about that fabulous bag some more. Instead of buying a new bag at Target every season (and then tossing it three months later), save up and buy one really fantastic bag -- leather, in a classic shape and size and a neutral color. Your investment bag doesn’t need to cost a fortune -- you can find beautiful leather bags for under $200 -- but it should be well-made and versatile, and should go with absolutely everything. What else is worth spending more on? Shoes and coats are good investments because they will last and last; again, stick with classic styles and colors, and always opt for good craftsmanship. You can pair a beautiful bag and shoes with a dress from H&M and look like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine. I promise.

Edit and repeat. American women always like to point out that getting dressed is hard work, but really, we make it hard because we give ourselves too many options. French women have very small wardrobes, and they wear the same pieces -- the same outfits, even -- over and over. When Gabby and I talked about this, she pointed out that the American impulse is to look in the closet and say, “I can’t wear that, I just wore it on Tuesday!” French women, on the other hand, say, “That looked great on Tuesday -- I think I’ll wear it again.” Find what works for you and repeat, repeat, repeat. There’s no reason to keep reinventing the wheel.

Could you ditch the yoga pants and get dressed every day? What’s stopping you? Try dressing like a Frenchwoman for one week, and see how it feels. I dare you.

stumbled upon this.

How to do fashion, on a budget:

this is super helpful:


“Sale racks at trendy places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are the greatest. These stores are a bit pricey for the normal college kid but the sale racks are heaven. Also, don’t be scared to shop at a place like Target – they have amazing stuff.” – Demi, International Manufacturing & Product Development


“I switch my old items up from previous seasons and buy things on sale when I hit the mall to keep my look fresh. H&M always has cute pieces that I find at great prices.” – Briana, Merchandise Marketing


“Re-think your closet. When you don’t have the money to shop all the time, you can create fresh looks with what you already have if you wear things in new ways. Layering is key and don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of it!” – Kristen, Fashion Design


“I shop my mom’s closet. It’s free.” – Becca, Merchandise Marketing


“Invest in nice shoes. They’re worth it. Then keep the rest of your outfit simple.” – Edijus, Apparel Manufacturing Management


“Keep a sample sale calendar if you live in a big city like L.A. or New York. You can score designer clothes for super cheap that way. Also, take advantage of designer collaborations with inexpensive stores. I loved Zac Posen for Target and Lanvin for H&M.” – Karishma, Merchandise Marketing


“Never buy something unless you are in love with it. If you walk away and still think about it, then go back and get it. I’ve made my worst buying decisions on a whim. Also, search many stores for basics like leggings to find the best deal, not the most acclaimed brand.” – Tiana, Visual Communications


“Shop your friend’s closets for stuff they don’t want anymore or they have outgrown. You’d be amazed at the awesome free stuff you can score.” – Rachel, Merchandise Marketing


“When shopping for trend items, I try to find something that I can wear with multiple outfits in my closet that easily fits into my own style!” – Lis, Visual Communications


first day of vacation...

so far..
i've slept in till 10...awesome.
i've kept my pjs on till...1pm(still have them on)
i haven't bathed.

what's planned
i am not going to bathe
i am going to eat all day
we will not make plans nor have an agenda (unless it is, what should we eat next?)
i love vacation.

side note:
the car ride...was forever long..but of course to Cami(my sis in law) in the backseat who slept almost the whole way...she said, "wow we are already here..i like can't even remember that drive..it's like a blur"

i love road trips..but sometimes, they are miserable..especially the gross places you have to stop and pee..like West Virginia..sorry it's true..and everyone in these pit stops look at you like they have never seen a female..ew.ew.ew
one thing is for sure...the best part about heading down to North Carolina...are all those blasted Mountains! i just love mountains..and nobody can stop this love!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ma meilleure amie

in 2005 i met this beautiful french girl names Clemence.
we were at a cookout, school semester had just started, and she was doing a semester exchange.
i wanted to be her best friend..but she didn't seem to reciprocate..(weird i know..i'm so great!)
apparently later i found out that she thought i was a typical american girl..blond and talked alot..oops.
but..i wooed her with my charm..or my free rides to the mall :)
even if it was in the bullet (french girl don't judge me..i'm so cool!)
over the next school year, we became incredibly close..but sadly she would be going back to France.

we said a semi tearful goodbye..and i'd be lying to say i expected to see her again..i did not.

however, she came back..6 mths later :)

Then a year after that..i flew to Paris and spent a week with her...

then sadly..2008 passed, and we didn't see each other...
but alas...
2009 Clemence sister Alice shows up to Ky..

(don't you love the creepy pic in the background?? that is for another day..)
Alice came to ky for a year exchange as well, and she showed up a few mths before our wedding. Which was awesome..because Clemence came to our wedding that fall! It was a wonderful surprise, and she was my sanity that week.
The week before my wedding was stressful..and she was there to talk to me, and comfort me, and give me advice..and just be a best friend. i will never forget that.

(this was taken by my photographer at my wedding..stunning)

Alice is in town again for a summer internship, and she spent some time with Jon and I last night.
It was so fun, but of course always makes me miss Clemence. It is TOTALLY my turn to go visit her...maybe next year :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


i need this to be what my back entry way looks like..


life's not fair.

so basically jonathan has lost 6 lbs...
6 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what the heck??
oh how much have I lost?
really fat? really?
he still eats 3 times as much as me..and is just dropping it like it is hot! i'm eating high fiber english muffins with one egg..and he eats 8 waffles...with syrup.
But, i am not defeated..i am not dismayed..i am only determined.
hehehe (nervous laugh)

On a side note: i head to North Carolina this weekend to pick up my beautiful mother in law and bring her home for a few weeks. this will be fabulous. she is amazing. i will post more about her another day.

excuse me while i try to lose 5 lbs immediately!