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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i apologize

it has been a month. eek.

a lot has been going on, and i wasn't sure about continuing this blog. but..i love blogging and i will continue, it just may go through some changes over the next few months. but..they are all very good changes :)

there is something very important that i wanted to blog about today. it will be lengthy, but wonderful!

Here is a story about my favorite day: May 22nd 2009

it was date night. and i was supposed to dress up. my boyfriend wanted it to be special. normally, when a girl highly anticipating a ring at any moment gets a command like this...she thinks it is the night. but nope not this girl.
i was clueless. after all, he had no money for a ring..this was a fact. he had just poured all his money into his new business.

it was a friday. and i was having a great hair day...score. it was the most normal of days. my boyfriend came into my office at lunchtime to bring me flowers. incredibly unexpected
.. and i was seriously not suspicious, just thankful that he wanted to make the date perfect in every way. but boy did that set off alarms around my office. all the girls were telling me he was gonna propose that night. i assured them he wouldn't.
i gchatted my sisters and told them that he brought me flowers. they were freaking out that he would be that obvious suspicious too. but i assured them. he wouldn't propose. i was clueless certain of this.

i went home and showered. i thought for a second...is tonight the night? nah.

he picked me up and made the statement without thinking, "you look perfect for tonight". was that when i realized it was tonight? nope. still clueless.

we ate at a restaurant neither of us had been to. and he was acted super weird. i was like..man..this guy is nuts. i texted my sister.."my boyfriend is a weirdo" no joke. i am so sweet.

he had planned to take me to a movie later on, and somehow, he figured i wouldn't want to go. crazy. we opted to go to a garden up the street from the restaurant for a walk. honestly, it is just absurd that he knew i would pick that. just absurd.

we walked around the grounds of  this historic house. i had never really been there, but heard the gardens were beautiful. at one point, he paused, and got down on one knee..all of the sudden i panicked. he was tying his shoe. omg.  somehow, after this point, i decided it was not happening and to stop thinking about it. and it worked..i became even more clueless.

i could tell he wanted to do something. and was acted restless, he said, "hey i have an idea"...because i know him so well i said, "if it involves climbing something or breaking and entering, i'm not interested" afterall..i was dressed up. but he looked so disappointed, so i conceded. he wanted to break into the locked garden. he knew a way in. of course he did. but blinded by love, i followed him through an opening in the hedges. it was dark and you couldn't see a thing..but you could smell the flowers. and it smelled amazing. amazing.

before i could form a thought, or words, my friend Sarah popped out of the bushes, creepily, with a candle in front of her face.
 i'll be honest..my thought was...why are you ruining my date. like i said, i'm so sweet.
she awkwardly said, "i have something to read to you" i was like..ok??. i turned and looked and that boyfriend of mine was literally running in the opposite direction of us. man, that guy is weird.
i turned around and listened to a letter. it was the sweetest thing. she basically wrote down all the reasons why she loved me. how random and sweet! i was so thankful and was about to ask her what was going on..when things got  weirder sweeter. she led me to my friend Nathan.
who just spoke from his heart and told me how much he cared about me and his favorite memories of our friendship.precious.
please keep in mind that through this i was laughing and crying and super confused, not only am i sweet. but i am super smart.

after Nathan was finished, he led me to another person. it was my friend Cara, who had just gotten back from her honeymoon that day!
 as soon as i saw her face. i knew. all of the sudden it all made sense. talk about emotions. she was so sweet and talked to me about our friendship, and why it was special. it was humbling, and lovely all at the same time. after she was finished, she took me to Caris,

 who took me to my brother in law,
who took me to my sister Anna,
 who took me to my sister Rachel,
who then took me to my parents,

My parents told me how they were proud of me, and other sweet stuff, and then said there was one last person who needed to tell me something.
be still. my heart.
 and there he was, tears in his eye, love in his heart, and an anticipation full of passion like you wouldn't believe.
nevermind that tshirt
He knew me well enough to know, that what makes me feel special, are my friends. So he chose those closest to me, to just share their thoughts and feelings about why they loved me. he was adamant that they not mention him, or anything to do with marriage. but to strictly honor and love me.

talk about romantic!

we had decided early on in our relationship to not tell each other "i love you". only when he was proposing. but we knew we loved each other..it helped confirm that he loved me when his aunt said, "jon told me he loved you"...haha, thanks aunt erin.

so, sweetly, he held me, there was music playing, thanks to his business partner who was nearby somewhere. we were alone at this point. and he told me about why he loved me, and wanted to be with me forever. and then, so sweetly he said, "i have a question for you"..i was like.."uhuh" he said, "what is the square root of 27?" isn't he special?

and that was it!

JUST KIDDING. he asked me to marry him, and got on one knee, and held out the most beautiful ring. i said yes and we kissed. it was magical.
the ring was his grandmothers. she had it on her hand for 52 years, and took it off and gave it to him for me. wow. i love it. it was just what i had described that i wanted to!

there was a surprise engagement party afterward, and everyone was there. i was on cloud 9. and i got to meet his grandmother for the first time!

the entire night was perfect. it really was. i am so thankful i said yes. i love that man. with my whole heart!

my wedding day was great, it was perfect as well. but..i had to plan a lot of it, and the stress level was high. so when people ask what my favorite day was...it was this day, 3 years ago.

i love you Jonathan. thank you for making me feel like the most loved woman in the world :)