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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

things you need to know....

to improve your life...jk

1. if i don't squeeze this kid every 48 hrs...something inside me dies.
no joke.

(cutest little ginger niece. ever.)

2. i was supposed to leave for Madrid tomorrow. but due to some unforeseen airline strikes...i'm leaving friday now instead. this is crazy...especially because Clemence didn't know/forgot, i was flying in Friday morning...she thought i came in Saturday morning...and NOW I AM. it's like the twilight zone. basically.

3. my friends have been pretty great at understanding that i'm not ready for little bebe's yet. i really love being auntie to 3 beautiful new babes. but it is even more wonderful when your besties says, "i'm glad you aren't having a baby yet, because i'm gonna need a year to figure this kid out, so that i can give you 100% of my focus during your time". that my friends, is love. pure love. it is also great because i plan on being a diva.."you there, hand me my robe and slippers and that carton of ben and jerry's! now take me shopping clown!" (jk?)

4. march madness is cray cray. but seriously. where i live. it is nutso. not to mention our team is in the final four. this means, after games, my husband confuses himself with a baller. drives to the store, buys a basketball and forces kelly and i out to the park at midnight to.. "ball"

(yes..i am wearing sandals. that is how baller i am)

5. this is what a model looks like after giving birth:

ok..she isn't a model. but she fools everyone. i mean..seriously cara? but not only is she tan all year round, consistently smells of coconuts and vanilla beans, doesn't wear a stitch of makeup on her face, and pushed that 8 pounder out without an OUNCE of drugs... she is the most compassionate and giving person i know. after all, she is the one who wants to give me all her attention :)

ok..that is all for today. i hope you learned a thing or two from this post. if you haven't...read it again...and again...and again...until you have really come to grips with your life.

You are welcome :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

i hate packing.

this may surprise you...but, i don't take a lot of time to get dressed typically. those who have lived with me may try to argue this. but when i am getting ready with someone..i will take longer.
but overall, i get dressed pretty fast.

is there a problem with this? no..not really..it's great...except when it comes to packing.

when i am getting ready..i have either thought/planned ahead and know what i'm going to wear. throw something on last minute..or put on an outfit i've worn before..because i know it works.

but you can't pack when you get ready like this!

i asked my sweet friend Fran, who is a flight attendant to give me a few helpful hints...but one of the hints was just not going to work for me:

"Resist the urge to pack a ton of shoes."

uhm. i have to bring a ton of shoes. i have so many cute pairs...but also..i have to bring my shoes to represent redemption.

lets take a look back to 2007:
backpacking adventure of the decade with my bestie Caris. Caris tells me to buy chacos. maybe the worst looking footwear known to fashion. i hated them. i bought them. it was practical. and dumb. wore them to Paris. what were we thinking? fashion capitol of the world. we were stared at, on the metro. apparently you aren't supposed to look at anyone on the metro. oh...but we were STARED at. Clemence picks us up....and makes us take off our shoes. how dare we defile that beautiful Parisian ground with those things. she is mortified. but probably not as mortified as yours truly.
i will forever hate chacos..to infinity now.

enter 2012 skype date with clemence:
"don't bring your ugly shoes, madrid is very fashionable"
oh. you.mean. she .didn't. forget?. nope. and neither will I.

i am a firm believer in taking fashion risks. but Chacos, even in there wonderful comforts, are not a risk. they are fashion suicide.

*if you thought that being a travel agent makes you a good packer...you would be wrong*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

i'm a late bloomer.

guess who's wisdom teeth are making a surprise, unexpected, unwanted visit!


this is not cool...not cool at all.

I had a mild panic attack when i found out. i made an immediate appt with my dentist..yeah they hadn't seen me in a few years...
apparently you should go more than once every 4-5 years. oopsies.

anyway..i need all four out.


i'm 27. not 17. i don't want chipmunk cheeks.
but i wouldn't mind a few days off...(says the girl who leaves for a 9 day vacation one week from today...)

ONE WEEK! yowza..i need to go pack...oy vey. packing..the demise of my vacation experience...

Monday, March 19, 2012

it's the elephants...

so the other day i crept..oh so quietly and creepily into my roommate's closet. it is kinda my closet too..not just because it is my house...but because what's hers is mine...right kel? right. cool.
in a quick attempt to pull together an awesome last minute ensemble, (naturally), i pulled out a fun/flowy blouse with tiny elephants on it.
i don't typically wear outfits with little animals on them..like seriously..pants from jcrew with those little creatures.

i tried to get over my fear of these little elephants staring up at me..judging me..and honestly..i didn't have enough time to change.
i came downstairs and said to my roommate..."i'm not sure how i feel about this shirt..i don't typically wear animals on my clothes" her response.."those aren't animals..they are (as she leans in closer to HER shirt)..oh they are elephants." haha.
i walked into work..immediately i received compliments, "love the shirt", "what a cute shirt"..my reply..ever so akwardly.."i don't do elephants".

anyway..the whole day i was OFF. like weirdly off. forgetting peoples names, missed calculations (i even use a calculater), sending emails to the wrong people..i mean weird. i had plenty of sleep the night before, i had an accurate and efficient amount of coffee..i had a great energy charged breakfast. so what was wrong?
i went into the kitchen to grab some hot tea, and my co worker jokingly remarked.."how's the elephants working out for you today?" and then it hit me!
my off day...it wasn't due to any strange misalignment of the cosmos...it was the elephants! i'm convinced that they were working their hardest to keep me off my game since i was hatin on them.

elephants aren't supposed to forget anything...and they can balance on tiny balls and stuff like that...but for me...they are the demise of my work day flow.

blast you elephants...blast you!

disclaimer: if you wear clothes with tiny animals on them..go for it, more preppy power to you! you have bigger balls than me..(inappropriate? nah..)

Friday, March 16, 2012

now think about your dad...what's your dad like...

my title is from a very very silly, but favorite, youtube video. it seemed like a good title for this post. i know i said i was going to post about cargo shorts...but in light of some news i received this morning...it didn't seem fitting.

i received an email this morning that a very dear friend of mine lost her dad. he had been fighting cancer for some time now. my heart broke.
i'm not the type of person who can you be ok just sitting thousands of miles away from this friend while she is hurting. i need a plane to France. stat. anyone?? i want to be there...helping, hurting with her..and hugging.
i have had several close friends lose their parents. it is devastating. some were expected. some were unexpected. either way...whether you were "preparing" for it, or not...it is equally crappy in every way. of course..this is what i'm told. i have not lost my parents.

this isn't supposed to be a depressing post, but i don't care what you think..i can't just be ok posting about anything frivolous today, when i have loved ones who are hurting.

love on your parents today. if they are still alive, thank the Lord for his provisions....and don't miss any opportunities to love on them.

(this pic was taken at disney world...right before each of us dropped our light up toys in the pond..all 3 of us did....my dad was so mad...hahaha...i think he should have been mad about his all white outfit)
(my dad wanted boys..but he got 6 girls instead..this is during one of our "roughing" up sessions..he would wrestle with us so he wouldn't raise "sissy's" yes my dad is that guy. he raised some pretty sissy girls anyway :) )

i will be with my friend in a few weeks, but i would trade that trip in a heartbeat to be with her right now.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

my date with lee

have you ever spent an ENTIRE day with a best friend? vacations don't count.

like you literally were together from sun up to sun down? probably very rare.
well that was what i did on saturday with lee. she was in town for only a few days.
so we had to make the most of every moment.

i picked her up saturday morning, and we went and grabbed coffee. and we sat and talked
and loved and drank. it was fabulous.
then we went to target. who doesn't love target?? we just walked and shopped, and talked.
one time, the day before her wedding, we went to target to grab a couple of things..fast trip, in and out. we ended up standing in target and talking for 2.5 hrs. woopsies.
when you are with a friend like that, where you have a deep connection with, 2.5 hrs just flys.
especially when you are hundreds of miles a part 99% of the time.

we literally did just whatever came to mind. we forgot to take pics most of the time. or the pic turned out bad...so we couldn't post it..but here are a few:

(this is an example of ones that didn't turn out..we are actually laughing at how bad they were!)
most of our day did consist of eating. buuut this last pic is of lee eating dark chocolate with cayenne pepper...it was weird..yet fascinating. also. can we discuss the girl in the background??? maybe another time? ok..
we also got makeovers at Sephora..well i did. ha.
Lee had told me about some makeup she had gotten samples of at Sephora, called "make up forever"...which is muy $$$. but worth it (still working on feeling this way). a girl there had me take my makeup off and she redid it with the MUF. it looked awesome.
but here is the thing..1. it's expensive. 2. i am pretty sure it is called make up forever because it takes FOREVER to put on. seriously..it has like 6 steps.. moistuizer, primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder...etc..so they gave me samples of all of that stuff..for FREE! woo hoo. if you want some free new makeup...go to sephora, they will hook a sister up!
i used phrases like, "i really want to buy new makeup, but i'm not sure if i want to commit from just one use..." (free samples will be thrown at you).

the rest of the day consisted of sad movies (the vow), spicy thai food (we literally killed parts of our tongue...it was so great!), and cuddling on the couch.

lee, it was perfect in every way. missing you mucho today!

stay tuned for tomorrow's post..it's about the ever offensive: Cargo Shorts

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cinnamon almonds

this is kelly. you remember, by freakishly organized roommate? the one who discovered my love for buying butter and keeping receipts??
yeah well she is also a dietician. but don't let that fool you. in her hand she holds a few cinnamon almonds....i found some on sale when i was at the grocery. so as i fixed dinner she munched on a "few"...i didn't pay much attention, but i heard her say..more than once, "erica, these are so freaking good..eat some" well..this is how i found kelly after about 37 almonds, curled up on our couch:
"does anyone else feel really weird and sick to their stomach?" she was feeling a little rough.

did i mention she was a dietician?

hey old friend

blogging is like catching up with a friend. if too much time goes by, you have so much to talk about, but it's so much...you end up just saying, "life is good..just busy"

so hey friend..life is good...just very very busy.

i've been meeting friends for breakfast, which is so totally worth it..but definitely cuts into my blogging time. work has been very busy, and i have had to work some long hours....so by the time i get home, blogging is not on this frazzled mind. plus..i don't know about any of you other bloggers, but the pressure of finding something to blog about...can be overwhelming. i mean, i think my life is pretty awesome, and funny..no, hilarious, things happen to me all the time. but putting that into a blog post is daunting.

PLUS, you have to have pictures...if you don't have pictures, people are less likely to read your blog. that being said, i didn't start this blog so people would read it. honestly. i started it because it was therapeutic, and i enjoy writing. but i have read, and i have noticed, pictures bring a blog to life.
There are lots of posts i have coming..one i'm very excited about...when Leanne was here last week, we spent the entire day together, which included lots of food, shopping, movies and my favorite...SEPHORA. i will be posting about our adventure soon.

i leave for Spain in 15 days. holy cow. i still need to tan, lose 7 lbs, and have a brand new wardrobe..i'm working on this :) i definitely plan on posting every last detail about Spain before i go, while i'm there, and it will included many similes...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a few good things and some not so good things

1. starting your work day off by meeting a friend for breakfast.
-i have the same routine every morning. so when my friend asked if i was willing to grab breakfast before work i was exited to oblige. mostly because she is literally about to pop out a child (because "popping" them out is all that it entails right??? right???). so we met for breakfast and had a riot of a good time. ya hear me? a riot.
but i noticed that i was literally whistling while i worked. this. is. crazy. not only because...who whistles in a small office..but because the past few weeks at work have been so stressful. and don't get me wrong. it was still a very stressful day, but i felt more at peace.
so i did it again. i had breakfast this morning with Leanne! yes leanne is in town. and it is heavenly. of course she flew in so literally at the time we were supposed to meet up..i get the call that she needs a ride. silly lee.
we didn't have long..but it was still so rewarding. and again, i felt more relaxed at work.
i recommend doing this.

2. a. making dinner while your husband chats your ear off about everything and nothing.
b. making something for dinner that satisfies your husband and he talks about it an hour later..about how good it was. (something you should know...feeding my husband is an ordeal. he needs food STAT. he is a large man (6'4, 210lbs) and has the appetite of 7, 14 year old boys. no lie. so making a home cooked meal, that only take 45 min or so...is 35min too long for him)

3. trying out new recipes and they are a success! (see above to understand the success part)
- when i work and get home..i literally just want to put yoga pants on (which my friend has dubbed "after work to eat leftover pizza and watch netflix" pants. and i literally want to do nothing. but i decided to make a new recipe a week. and it has been so fun!
(Tortilla soup and Quiche!)

4. Coming home.
-isn't it just a really good thing? i came home this evening, to a husband who was cleaning the house (after an equally stressful day) and he had planned a fun night of pizza and a movie for us.
it's gloomy out, i of course didn't dress apropo for rain..so my flats got all socked and everything felt a little moist from running to my office to the car...and getting home and putting on those great pants we talked about, for a night in. is just great. i love home. and lamp.

4. -best friends and their babies
-bloggers..if you have a best friend. and they have a baby. and you get to "help" them by holding said baby for 3.5 hrs and letting him snuggle oh so close to your chest...it is a VERY good thing.

1 -i bought a groupon for tanning..i know. i know. but it's for a good cause. (a healthier glow..duh)
so i went for about 10 min. (i was taking it easy)..and let's just say...my cheeks are RED. painfully RED. and i ain't talking about my face. OUCH.

2. sweet clients (sarcasm)
- "honey you must be having a slightly better day today...you sound a little less uptight"
(just take a few moments to imagine how irritating this was to hear...and times it by 100)

3. soggy dogs
-(this title is offensive..i'm aware. i wrote it and I'm offended by it.)
just picture this:
rain+damp muddy ground+uncontrollable excitement+ a golden retriever= stinky, muddy, smelly greeting when i came home.

i am sure i can come up with more...but who wants to hear me complain?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tornados, sunshine, and snowstorms, oh my!

I don't have much time to post this morning, but i had to share about our weekend.
Friday our whole city was on alert that a huge storm was on their way. Our office closed early and everyone was sent for cover. no joke. i was half terrified and the other half in disbelief. I have lived in this state my whole life, and in my city there has never been a tornado around me. plus..our weatherman suck here. anyway...the mr and i, plus jack headed to my parents basement...along with the rest of my family and their dogs...it was hilarious and fun.
Our city was unaffected, and we were relieved, but then we found out that neighboring cities weren't so lucky. here is just one of the images from Friday:
this is only about 45min from my house.
i know other states near us had many more fatalities and loss, but this still hit very close to home. i started thinking what would i have grabbed if i had seen this coming for my house? photos? wedding dress? my favorite clothes? it sounds silly, but i have seen many pictures from this weekend of houses being completely destroyed....you would have grabbed stuff too!

After the storms friday night, we had the most beautiful Saturday. It was warm, and the sun was bright, no rain in sight (i can't help but rhyme sometimes guys..i'm sorry).
And then...low and behold....

I couldn't even believe it when the Mr woke me up and told me to look outside, 5 inches! we don't have much snow here...maybe 1-2 inches. and then every couple of years we get maybe 3-5inches. But after such a warm weekend, it was so surprising! and cold...i put my winter coat up weeks ago..i'm boycotting winter..it is time for spring.

The snow is slowly melting, and it is very pretty to look at..but thankfully i have this to look forward to in 23 days:

i can't get the weather for while i'm there, yet..but if it is this warm mid march, i'm sure it will get even warmer! #ihatecoldweatherunlessitischristmas

Thursday, March 1, 2012

opposites attract

i have a lot to say for this post. i don't have it all organized in my mind, so i apologize in advance for it being scattered.

i married the polar opposite of me. i've been thinking of how to demonstrate, and then i saw our shoes sitting together.
exhibit a:
my husband wears old sneakers. every day. doesn't matter the outfit. his trusty old sneakers are snuggled comfortably on his feet.
these yellow shoes are my favorite shoes in the whole world. aren't they fabulous? (the answer is yes) i saw them in a magazine and i just had to have them. i put them on my christmas list a few years ago. my sister Rachel bought them for me...but not before making sure i knew she hated them. in fact..all of my sisters hated them (fact: when you have a family made up of 8 women...you have to have TOUGH skin..don't even get me started on when i started wearing red lipstick.. that is for another post...)
thankfully, i don't care. i don't care if my friends hate what i wear or my family, if i feel good, and love it...then it doesn't matter.
the first time i wore these shoes i felt a little insecure. i was thinking about what my sisters thought about them...and doubting my love for them. but i pressed on..and you know what? i had 7 girls/women come up to me while i was out and compliment my shoes :)

i have a pretty unique sense of style. i went through a very vintage stage..i wore some pretty strange crap. but i loved it. and one day i will post a picture of my favorite vintage skirt..it has every color of the rainbow on it and ribbons that flow free from it. my sisters really hate that one :)

back to my husband and i.
he doesn't divert too much from his cargo shorts and polos.
i hate cargo shorts and polos.
in fact i used to say i would NEVER be interested in a guy who wore the aforementioned outfit. but...alas...i married him.
he does NOT get my style. he would prefer if i wore jeans and a t shirt everyday. because it is "plain"...omg i am not a fan of plain. if i wear jeans and a t shirt, you better believe it is accompanied with TONS of jewelry or something.
oh yeah..and i mix metals. Rachel, it doesn't bother me..at all. gold and silver at the same time??? the horror :)
but despite my family, my husband, and even some of my friends, i wear what i want, and what makes me feel good.
style isn't what is in, or what is fashionable, it is wearing what makes you feel good...and wearing it with confidence.
it is good to have a husband who is different than me. and who isn't a fan of my clothing choices, it makes me deal with insecurities and learn to step out of comfort zones. He doesn't care about fashion or what all the "cool kids" wear, he literally just throws on whatever is clean. i admire that about him.
I have been put together with this man for a reason...and it does not involve fashion!