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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tonight is the night!

tonight we find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl...
drama city.

pretty much everyone thinks it will be a boy...because after all, the carroll's need a boy eventually, brother in laws help with the estrogen filled family...but they don't help that much.

i'm team girl. i feel like it is a girl. i have no medical backing or wives tales helping me with this hypothesis. but it's a girl. so i have pink on..ick. that's how confident i am (i hate wearing pink).

anyway, they are throwing a "gender reveal" party..which, when i say that, makes me think of lady gaga.

they got the news this morning of the gender, the nurse wrote it on a card and my sister and brother in law took it into a bakery and had a cake made. the outside will just be a neutral color, and the inside will either be blue or pink.
fun nest part about this, my sister and husband don't know the sex either!
So when they cut into the cake, they found out with the other 23 people at this party :)

sooooo fun!!! ya'll, if it's a boy..there will be mass hysteria. mass.

tune in tomorrow for the results :)

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