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Sunday, August 14, 2011

pep in my step

so productive today.
cleaned the whole house, did the laundry, met with a designer, went grocery shopping, stopped for a passion fruit tea at coffee times, went shopping, made a pizza, watched a movie, baked a pound cake, painted a wall, fixed my man some dinner, and now i sit. finally.
meeting with the interior designer was so much fun. so many great ideas collaborating. she says i have great taste too :) i'll get more details later!

the pound cake is tote scrump. my mother in law(jon's stepmom) made some last weekend while we were in NC and jon and i could NOT stop gobbling down...despite that little competition we got going on.. (click here)

so, naturally, i got the recipe. and it is yummmmmmy.
and my weapon against jon this week...
only..it's just so hard to resist myself!

I think my motivation came from this pound cake. it has magic motivation powers...yeah that's it...
well..better rev up again..it's been about 10 min since i've snagged a nibble..uh i mean gave Jon some..yeah.. :)

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