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Sunday, July 31, 2011

red hot weekend

Hi friends!
i have had a fabulous weekend! and it isn't over!
Friday i went with some fabulous friends to see "crazy, stupid love".
it was HILARIOUS. i seriously laughed from beginning to end. even shed a few tears (if you don't know me..this is a completely normal everyday occurrence)
I've been wanting to rock red hair for quite sometime. a few bloggers i follow, all have great red hair. and then this movie, red hair all around. fabulous red hair too.

After we left the movie, i mentioned to my adorable friend Cara Dee (who is also a remarkably talented photographer, and a faithful follower of my blog) that i wanted to tint my hair red. she said, "lets do it now"
but seriously..we did. we colored my hair. it is BRIGHT red. it is a washout though.
and. i love it. like whoah. and so does my husband which is shocking because he loves my long natural hair. which i chopped all off and he was depressed. and then i dyed it bright red (double whammy) but..he was like, "I love it!".. love that guy
fun start to my weekend for sure.
Saturday i took my 3 younger sisters to an amusement park. The youngest, Christina, had never been on a roller coaster before..which is crazy because my dad made us ride them when we were younger..no matter how much pleading on our part..he would say, "you'll thank me when you are older"-thanks dad :)
anyway-my sisters and i had a total blast. we laughed the whole day. it was perfect. (don't worry Anna and Rachel you were missed)
here are a few pics of the day..and my bright red hair

(this is blueberry ice cream. and it is an obsession for me. i dream about it. that's not weird)

it's sunday. and i have a lot to do..projects, laundry, and a whole lot to pray about!
welp. see ya later!

Friday, July 29, 2011

isn't she lovely?

my blog..is well, mine. And ultimately i wanted to use it to be thankful, for God, and all the wonderful, beautiful blessings he has bestowed upon me.
today, it is about my mother in law :)

My husbands family doesn't live here, so i met my mother in law only two times before we got engaged. The first time i met her, she had just been diagnosed with Alzheimers. It was shocking for everyone. She was/is, young, healthy, active and beautiful, and at the time only 49. Alzheimers is something that old people get right? wrong.

(stunning..simply stunning)

(pray my daughters inherit this woman's bod)

(this is one of the hilarious faces)

Before my wedding she lived with me, for a month. It was hard, but so fun. I had never really been exposed to Alzheimers before, which was the hard part. But let me tell you..this woman is hysterical. She cracks jokes all the time, or makes these hilarious faces(see photo), and she loves to let people know how amazing she is :)
Tonight we are heading to North Carolina to pick her up for 2 weeks of eating, movies, laughing, eating, starbucks(her fav) and just relaxing...i cannot wait. i love vacation, but vacation with family is the BEST!
I love you Shanny!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i love him..

(this was on our honeymoon)

(our wedding)-ninamullinsphotography


Thursday, July 21, 2011

happy flying!

i am a travel agent. which rocks..sometimes :)
some days it is glamorous..and some days its..uhm..well not so glamorous.
the perks, are pretty much the only reason i stay..
i have awesome co workers...
i have great insurance (when did i become an adult? oh i know..when insurance was a rational reason in my life..and i talked about it..ew)
my boss will come into my office on like a tuesday..and say, "hey can you go to Jamaica next week?"..let me check my schedule..well..i mean i have that appt..Yep i think i can work that in!

it is also fun to book a trip for someone and it was a perfect fit for them. it's like a puzzle..trying to find the best place for someone to go..especially when they give me great info to work with.."hi i want to go somewhere warm.." HELLO WE SELL THE CARIBBEAN...EVERYTHING IS WARM THERE!
anyway..i also get free vacations...
oh did you not hear me??
yeah.. It's legit! (you must understand that when i say it's legit..you must reference this to know how i'm saying it) (if you are not peeing your pants because of this hilariousness of this video..don't read my blog..you don't deserve me)

the hubs and i are super grateful for this job. and it's benefits (gross adult word again). especially because we just planned our 9 day vacation!! EEK!
but ya know what i think about the most when it comes to vaca?
what am i going to wear on the plane? yep.
i mean..travel style is super fun! i like to look comfy, because i sit every other way but normal on the plane. i like to look professional, because i give my card out for future clients. and of course, i like to look GOOD gur!
my past style were leggings and tunics..but this time i'm thinking about something more like this...Skirt or perhaps this cute jean dress

But then again..tunics and leggings are so comfy!
Check out this great collage

click here for actual post

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

there is this girl...

she is a big deal. she is my brother in law's cousin..so basically she is my cousin. i have an incredible life, filled with these random encounters that result in best friendships. Leanne is a great example. we just became best friends. we have had a long distance relationship, but fortunately never lost contact. we even saw each once every few months...UNTIL
last year...this next week, we will each other for the first time since her wedding last july.

(ok, we saw each other at christmas, but it was only for 2 hours. and it doesn't count because i was running errands and i was super stressed out, and she was riding along and kept falling asleep because she is a nurse and works night shift and then drove 11hrs to home. she agrees, this does NOT count)

Anyway-we will reunite. and it is going to be beautiful and squeaky (she has an adorable squeak to her). i love technology, and being able to skype, but nothing quite compares to being and person and holding on tight! our husbands are going to be severely ignored in the next week..
5 days lee lee, 5 DAYS!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

unsung hero

i woke up this morning..kinda like any other morning..a little hung over..(just kidding)..well kinda..i took an advil pm at about 4am..so i really was a little hung over :)
i was standing in my kitchen waiting for my english muffin to pop up out of the toaster..when i noticed something different about my fridge...
a magnet.
i walked over to my fridge and stood there probably longer than necessary, mostly due to the advil pm stupor, but i was wondering, "where did this come from".
Now, i will admit, something can be laying around in my house for quite some time till i notice it. but, i eventually notice it.
i took the magnet off the fridge and walked into husbands office...
"hey, where did this come from?"
"i have no idea"
"it was on our fridge holding up pictures"
"i still don't know where it came from"
"that is so strange"
"i agree"
he may have agreed, but soon shifted back to his computer to finish up something, that i'm sure was not equally important as the magnet mystery.
i walked back into the kitchen...on my way..i noticed Jack half way sticking out of our front room fireplace..it's been his obsession the last 2 weeeks to stare up into it..it freaks me out, and we cannot figure out what is going on.
i stood in the kitchen and started putting the pieces together!
there is a person who has been coming down our chimney and making life more convenient for me!
i mean, the way the magnet was placed on the fridge was so cleverly put, it wasn't just a quick throw on. they had strategically placed that magnet.
a robin hood/santa claus/ convenience caper!
what's next...a chip clip for my wadded up pretzel and tortilla chips?
i don't hate it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

i'm in it to win it!

so the husband and i started a competition. a healthy one :) literally
we both have a goal weight, for him he wants to lose 10lbs. and for me it is to lose 7lbs. now really we started this to be motivated to stop saying we want to be more fit and do it... the winner gets 15min worth of a full body massage (that's not weird) every night before bed for 2 weeks. i tried going for monetary compensation, but jon said that wouldn't be as fun for him..what?
anyway, i'm gonna WIN.


today i popped in my favorite vintage shop, Street Scenes! i was meeting my sweet friend tashia at the coffee shop next door, and i was fairly certain i would find her in SS instead of the coffee shop..lo and behold she was there :)
anywho, i found some SWEET items and we hopped in the dressing room. First dress was awesome, totally 70's, the hubs would have HATED it :) meaning, it was perfect for me. Tash thought it was a bit "odd". Anyway, i tried on the next ditty, and it was basically a large doily dress...ha that is the only way i can describe it. It fit like a glove, and i purchased it! only $28! It will make an appearance this fall for sure..maybe with some great boots, and killer belt :)
stay tuned.

believe you me, my sisters will hate it...which of course means it is FABULOUS!

Friday, July 15, 2011


do i go public with my blog?? maybe i'll have more readers..but i'm scared..eek
but maybe it will force me to blog more..idk..idk..
what should i do??

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i'm breezy..

ah, my catch phrase. i don't feel breezy today...
maybe tomorrow...

My friend is looking at baby names, she came across Breezy (english), "an animated and light hearted woman..."

maybe i could name my child that?

"i don't want to work....

i want to bang on my drum all day?" what a dumb song..but i would rather bang on a drum right now, than work. too bad being a stay at home wife isn't in the cards...
Or is it?
let me text the hub and ask...
"can i be a stay at home wife?"-me
"i need an answer"-me again

finalllly..and answer:
" if you want to sell your car, not have insurance, not have an allowance, and not go on vacations...and not pay off your debt."-the husband
he had me at "not have an allowance.."


well...i guess i will work then..