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Saturday, August 6, 2011

stumbled upon this.

How to do fashion, on a budget:

this is super helpful:


“Sale racks at trendy places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are the greatest. These stores are a bit pricey for the normal college kid but the sale racks are heaven. Also, don’t be scared to shop at a place like Target – they have amazing stuff.” – Demi, International Manufacturing & Product Development


“I switch my old items up from previous seasons and buy things on sale when I hit the mall to keep my look fresh. H&M always has cute pieces that I find at great prices.” – Briana, Merchandise Marketing


“Re-think your closet. When you don’t have the money to shop all the time, you can create fresh looks with what you already have if you wear things in new ways. Layering is key and don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of it!” – Kristen, Fashion Design


“I shop my mom’s closet. It’s free.” – Becca, Merchandise Marketing


“Invest in nice shoes. They’re worth it. Then keep the rest of your outfit simple.” – Edijus, Apparel Manufacturing Management


“Keep a sample sale calendar if you live in a big city like L.A. or New York. You can score designer clothes for super cheap that way. Also, take advantage of designer collaborations with inexpensive stores. I loved Zac Posen for Target and Lanvin for H&M.” – Karishma, Merchandise Marketing


“Never buy something unless you are in love with it. If you walk away and still think about it, then go back and get it. I’ve made my worst buying decisions on a whim. Also, search many stores for basics like leggings to find the best deal, not the most acclaimed brand.” – Tiana, Visual Communications


“Shop your friend’s closets for stuff they don’t want anymore or they have outgrown. You’d be amazed at the awesome free stuff you can score.” – Rachel, Merchandise Marketing


“When shopping for trend items, I try to find something that I can wear with multiple outfits in my closet that easily fits into my own style!” – Lis, Visual Communications

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