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Thursday, March 28, 2013

maybe i should rename my blog, "the surprising and random blog posts of mrs. fox"? that would definitely be an accurate portrayal...

i just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC. it was AWESOME. good food, great, friends, and a glamorous city to be inspired by.

but when i came home and started to do laundry..i noticed something..since i became pregnant..1. i wear jeans all the time (which is simply ludicrous if you know my style habits) and 2. that i have been wearing a whole lotta black.they say black is slimming, but i'm pretty sure it can't hind my big ol' baby bump..(getting larger errday folks).

trying on clothes in urban. bought this lil number..love that it ISN'T maternity :)

so, my immediate thought was, how do i end this weird fashion slump i'm in..and in for at least 4 more mths?

cobalt blue shoes.

i know, the answer was just there! everyone knows that it is the fix to any fashion slump! when winter turns to spring, everyone is looking for bright colors to punch up an outfit. but if i have to stick to my jeans, and black t's (don't doubt that there isn't some sort of funky jacket involved), i can punch up my feet!

i am a cheapster, for sho, so these are the ones i've ordered to try out. if they aren't comfortable, i found these Nine Wests that may do as well:
I liked the Aldo ones better because they had better reviews and the color was brighter. can't wait to get my hands on them..or my feet.

what is your fashion slump quick fix?