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Thursday, August 18, 2011

dear garbage man..

best morning ever.
i was in the bathroom putting my make-up on, getting ready for work..when all of the sudden...i heard a familiar melody...i was taken back in time....then the lyrics started...
"Lazy yellow moon coming up tonight
Shining through the trees
Crickets are singing
And the lightning bugs are floating on the breeze
Baby get ready"

aw yeah.....i was transported to my granspa's van in Minnesota..where we (my 2 older sibs) would beg him to play that song..over and over and over again..poor gpa.
"You and me going fishing in the dark
Lying on our backs and counting the stars
Where the cool grass grows..."

then it hit me...where in the world is this music coming from..i peaked out the window and there is the garbage man..music cranked up, he was singing to the top of his lungs...and he collected the trash house by house on our street...

although other neighbors might not have appreciated his loud country music and his off key voice...
TO ME it was a sweet symphony..
keep on singing garbage man...

i hope tomorrow it's "clancy lowered the boom"...yeah..i guarantee you haven't heard that one...it's an old irish jig my gpa also played us :)

If you don't know "Fishing in the Dark"....get your life in order and listen!

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  1. i love that you all love this song as well. it makes me feel better about the times we were alive and not friends. it makes more sense now.