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Sunday, July 31, 2011

red hot weekend

Hi friends!
i have had a fabulous weekend! and it isn't over!
Friday i went with some fabulous friends to see "crazy, stupid love".
it was HILARIOUS. i seriously laughed from beginning to end. even shed a few tears (if you don't know me..this is a completely normal everyday occurrence)
I've been wanting to rock red hair for quite sometime. a few bloggers i follow, all have great red hair. and then this movie, red hair all around. fabulous red hair too.

After we left the movie, i mentioned to my adorable friend Cara Dee (who is also a remarkably talented photographer, and a faithful follower of my blog) that i wanted to tint my hair red. she said, "lets do it now"
but seriously..we did. we colored my hair. it is BRIGHT red. it is a washout though.
and. i love it. like whoah. and so does my husband which is shocking because he loves my long natural hair. which i chopped all off and he was depressed. and then i dyed it bright red (double whammy) but..he was like, "I love it!".. love that guy
fun start to my weekend for sure.
Saturday i took my 3 younger sisters to an amusement park. The youngest, Christina, had never been on a roller coaster before..which is crazy because my dad made us ride them when we were younger..no matter how much pleading on our part..he would say, "you'll thank me when you are older"-thanks dad :)
anyway-my sisters and i had a total blast. we laughed the whole day. it was perfect. (don't worry Anna and Rachel you were missed)
here are a few pics of the day..and my bright red hair

(this is blueberry ice cream. and it is an obsession for me. i dream about it. that's not weird)

it's sunday. and i have a lot to do..projects, laundry, and a whole lot to pray about!
welp. see ya later!

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