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Monday, August 22, 2011

feeling smelly

i had been looking for a new scent. not sure about paying big bucks, wanted something different. not your common perfume. and i read this blog. she mentioned this brand i had never heard of Tokyo Milk. Sounded delightfully different..so i looked up where they sold it here...and a coffee shop came up..the one i've been obsessed with lately..for there delicious passion fruit ice teas.
coincidence? i think not.
i stopped in on my way home from the community garden on saturday and tried the different scents. i had just picked some flowers, and shopped at the art fair, it was a delightful saturday, and i was feeling girly..and smelly..it was hot.
most of the fragrances were WAY too strong or too sweet. the poor guy working the counter, who could care less about my dilemma, said,..and i quote, "you should spend your money on something better than that...like steak." (said to a mostly vegetarian me)
great sales technique.
anyway..i found the scent i wanted..and it is lovely. i highly recommend it, and it is cheaper than most main stream perfumes.
it's called dead sexy. but if anyone asks what i'm wearing..
i will definitely just say, "tokyo milk" :)

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    I'm obsessed.

    I mix a few, but this almost always gets thrown in.