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Saturday, August 6, 2011


first day of vacation...

so far..
i've slept in till 10...awesome.
i've kept my pjs on till...1pm(still have them on)
i haven't bathed.

what's planned
i am not going to bathe
i am going to eat all day
we will not make plans nor have an agenda (unless it is, what should we eat next?)
i love vacation.

side note:
the car ride...was forever long..but of course to Cami(my sis in law) in the backseat who slept almost the whole way...she said, "wow we are already here..i like can't even remember that drive..it's like a blur"

i love road trips..but sometimes, they are miserable..especially the gross places you have to stop and pee..like West Virginia..sorry it's true..and everyone in these pit stops look at you like they have never seen a female..ew.ew.ew
one thing is for sure...the best part about heading down to North Carolina...are all those blasted Mountains! i just love mountains..and nobody can stop this love!

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