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Thursday, August 25, 2011

thursday thoughts

today..i need some endurance. please pray for that. oh i need some patience too! k thanks

now onto something equally important...
EmergencyC has caramel coloring :(
so sad. i loved this stuff

why is this bad? well you see caramel coloring is a carcinogen..which is bad
"Caramel coloring is burnt sugar. Ask any biologist about burnt sugar, and he will tell you that it is a carcinogen. Additionally, scientists have used caramel coloring in lab experiments on mice to interfere with leukocyte action (white cells). In other words, caramel coloring is immunosuppressive. The FDA knows this and insures that anything containing caramel coloring must note this on the label. Just luckily, this immunosuppressive property of caramel coloring drops away when you quit ingesting it." (click here for more)

anyway- i need a pick me up..maybe i'll just think of my awesome YELLOW LEATHER JACKET i just bought :) now it needs to be fall so i can wear it and be awesome.

Have you ever seen anything more perfect? (that's not weird i promise)

well it's not as perfect as this:

or this

but the coat is close :)

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  1. hahahah, i love everything about this entry. i laughed, i laughed harder. i cried when i felt bad for myself and when jack saw staring at me and now im just feeling like im on a rollercoaster of emotions.