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Saturday, August 13, 2011

magic carpet ride

i did it..(man i am really overcoming this fear of commitment thing..)

i Erica F. got CONTACTS
what?? who am i? when did this happen??

well apparently i really am blind..ok..not really..but when your best friend is in the exam room with you and can't stop laughing at what the dr is saying..about how long i've gone with the same prescription (cough cough 7 years eek)..and how my life is about to change...
it's bad.
thanks cara :)
so i bit the bullet and have a month trial with these things...
what i have learned so far:
1. they are pretty easy to get in
2. i can see everything.
3. i can't believe how much better i can see...
4. seriously...see 2 and 3
5. the lyrics to "a whole new world" don't stop going through my head.."a dazzling place i never knew!"
6. Jonathan is super happy with me and get a kick about how happy i am, "don't you dare close your eyes, a new fantastic point of view"
7. how in the WORLD did i go without them??

ok..so i'm still learning much more. but that is the starting point.

now watch Aladdin..you know you want to :)

(aka no longer mr magoo)

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