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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

so far

i have picked a paint color for my room.
it is perfect. it only took about 4 mths to pick out..and with the help of an interior designer. who knew it would be so difficult?
i have painted two out of 5 walls..eek.
it's taking forever.
i'm such a whiner! wahhhh.
wanna see the color???

Comfort Grey-Sherwin Williams
I know what you are thinking..."it took you 4 mths to pick out a grey?"
the answer is yes..i have no other comments.
I really like it though..and eventually my room will be finished and it will be beautiful...but the husband informed me that furniture buying probably won't happen again until october...bleh.
that's ok..baby steps
I found a vintage coffee table at my favorite little vintage boutique in town Street Scenes. It is red and had coca cola written on it. ha. i'll paint over that..but i kinda like red up against this greenish/grey


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