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Friday, September 30, 2011

different kind of day.

I generally never want to go into work. i would rather stay at home, and bake and read, and sew (i can't sew, but it sounded good).
but i go. i book vacations. i listen to complaints. i busy myself with paperwork, and quoting people.
i say the same phrases over and over again. "yes mexico is safe", "no they don't speak american in jamaica"...etc

today though, my friend Leanne woke up, and wanted to stay in bed. But of course, like myself, she had to go. but her work day is much different. She takes care of infants who are in intensive care. sick, very tiny, babies. she holds them, and comforts them, and gives them medicine. so her not wanting to go to work, is much more understandable. especially when i got the following text from her today:

"I have to take a baby off of life support today. Please pray for me"

very different day from mine.

love you leanne, praying for you and those babies!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


quick recap

cabo is hotter than haites. but seriously..sweat in places .it.should.not.be.

travel agents are old.wrinkly.smoker. (ew..i should get out soon!)

age discrimination to the max here. we are the youngest agents here...and the others act so snooty to us..seriously..they walk around looking constipated.

it's stupid beautiful here.

the undertow= dude where's my swimsuit

i have been shakin it like a Polaroid pictcha..but really..two nights in a row we have been dancing it up. such a good work out.

tomorrow we set sail..at the crack of dawn..or 9am. but still.
and we are gonna shop $$$

it's exotic, i'm a freckle monster, but i'm ready to go home. and stay home..at least for a few weeks :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

on the..air again?

in 2 days, i'll be heading to warm and sunny, Cabo San Lucas!
i've never been the the west coast of mexico, so i'm pretty stoked.
plus, our itinerary includes 2 days of relaxing...aint. too. shabby
last trip i didn't check a bag (gasps all around)
it was only a 4 day/3 night trip, so i decided to forgo the checked bag
and pack lite. it was shocking. and kinda thrilling. it was like an anticipation of drama..
like..oh no, what if i have to not shower because 3 ounces of liquid wasn't enough??
or, what if i have to wear the same thing twice in a row, because i didn't bring enough
(i may or may not still have done this, even though i brought plenty of shampoo and clothes)

moving along.

sad thing about leaving thursday: i am missing our church's annual chili cook off!!!
very bummed about this. especially because i entered a chili for the first time last year..and ALMOST won. my dad beat me..as he usually does. he or my mom, or my sister, or my cousin usually wins...what can i say..we love our beans and stewed meat. ew.
so i really was gonna try and clobber his chili (wow, i think that is the first time i have every typed clobber. it kinda grosses me out.)
but i can't. better luck next year.

tonight will be filled with laundry, packing, and simplifying my life...because i once again, will not be checking a bag...what can i say, i love the drama :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

fall in a cup

today is a perfectly dreary day.

but i love it!

so i ordered a pumpkin spiced latte (non fat/with whip of course). it's the epitome of fall..in a cup!

and i just mailed out all of the invites to the BEST baby shower in history :) because
this sister is worth it:

she is kinda a big deal.
she is my older sister, but not eldest, #2 and i am #3
she is my best friend.
i used to copy everything she did. no lie. i couldn't order any food
until i knew what she was ordering..we had to have the same taste in our mouth :)
she used to be kinda mean to me..but i was so obsessed with her, that i let her be mean to me..just so she would hang out with me..i was so pathetic
i made up a song for her..it went something like this, "together forever, you and i..together forever, till we die" yeah i sang it creepily too.
we had a fort we made. we hung out there once..they day we made it. i hung out there more times. alone..i was a weird kid.
we even both married Jonathan's..that was coincidental..i promise..maybe

we both have golden retrievers. we call them our babies.
some have even called us "twinsies" (why thank you)
she is my role model and advisor (glad i didn't take her advice though when she tried to talk me out of my crush on my now husband)
but thankfully took her advice on other crushes, i should have had (gross!)
we were both each others Maid of Honor
Now, she is having a baby! whoah. a perfect little girl. yesss. who will accompany us in our favorite adventures, shopping at Tj maxx, and eating pretzels at the mall.
so now i'm helping put together the most perfect girly baby shower :)
i love you Rachel and i love baby!! now hurry up, have that baby!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

work trips

work trip are so funny..and fun.

this job is definitely not a young persons field. Anna and I, and our Palace rep, are the only ones under the age of 40. these women all look the same, have the same husky smoker voices, and all hale from the Milwaukee or Chicago area, dontcha know.

we stand out.

awkward trip moments:
sitting around dinner and the agents start asking us questions about our office..questions we are NOT allowed to answer...competition sake..so..i politely say, "i'm sorry, we actually aren't allowed to give out that information"..the whole table goes silent, with curiosity, offensive, and disbelief...awkward.

walking around theses resorts, learning facts, taking pictures, and having to try to navigate around the fat man who loves his tanning oil, and thinks i must be taking a picture with him in it, so he obviously sucks in his enormous protruding belly, and stands to the side...sir..seriously, how are you not pregnant for quintuplets? get out of the way, sucking in doesn't work for you, go deliver your babies.

humidity that makes your normally bouncy, frizz-free (for the most part) hair, rise up around your head like the coming of Jesus...it comes like a thief in the night, and just BAM it's there..no stopping it..the pouf is in the hair, and it aint coming down.

GREAT work trip moments:
my room attendant puts my things away. not in a, you touched my panties?!, kinda way, more like, you put my slippers and robe by the shower, and laid out my shoes all in a nice row..wow..i need them to come home with me..i've never seen who it is..but they have watched and learned where i put things..and so they lay it out for me the exact way i would want. they knew i was out at the beach yesterday (yes other great work moment, where i got to spend 2.5 hours at the beach, reading, sipping a marg (don't look at dad)). when i came in the had set up the shower for me, towel laid out, my shampoo was in there, they had put a towel down on the floor for when i step out, and hung up my robe right next to the door. i love you. seriously, come home with me.

food. it. is. UHhhhmazing. and. i. am. eating. a. ton. (i mean..i gotta try it all...it's for my clients sake...yeah!)

this morning i got up early, had piping hot coffee delivered to my room, and i am sitting on my balcony listening to the waves, drinking my coff coff, and blogging. PURFACT.

today we are checking out 3 properties. the last property, we are going to spend the majority of the day there. which means, 5 hours by the pool :)
this is also the property i have scheduled my vacation for in November with Jonathan, so i'm SUPER excited to see it.

gotta run, gotta tame this apocalyptic fro :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

caribbean love

no flight delays..no tech difficulties..pure precision...

lovin this view from my room

more to come!

Monday, September 5, 2011

weekends are for eating and being with your boo

back home from a FANTASTIC weekend in nashville.

seriously..so great.

we got to our hotel and freshened up and headed out to a restaurant our friend recommended to us Sunset Grill

we had the most hilarious server. he spoke so eloquently that half the time we didn't know what he was saying. we split the best nachos in the world. no really.
and then had carrot cake for dessert.
ok. i like carrot cake. but this carrot cake was better than..well..anything wonderful. we felt/sounded like bill murray in what about bob, with the way we moaned while we took each bite. it was presented like an oatmeal cream pie. no icing..just stuffed with cream cheese ice cream. wha?? who knew...

(just looking at this picture make me want to cry..)

(our 2nd trip back, this time..no share-sies)

the next day..we SHOPPED..ok..i shopped..jon patiently followed me around. got some awesome fall accessories and sweaters. i cannot wait to post a pic of my scarf i bought(it may or may not be yellow :)

we lounged around the hotel, and read ( finished a whole book), and just laughed and talked.

we almost stayed another day, wanted to get in some hiking, but my friend Smiley, was having a 20th anniversary party for his heart transplant, and we didn't want to miss it. Plus Logan (great friend) was coming into town for it..and i love him so.

these are two of my most favorite people in the world...

(smiley, me, logan )
i could say so much more..but i must pack..leaving for Mexico in the morning!

Friday, September 2, 2011

take me away :)

so happy for these reasons:
im gonna have a niece
it's friday
my sales are up
last night we double dated with my bff and her hub (blast)
and after work today..my husband is picking me up and taking me to Nashville for an impromptu weekend getaway :)
yay for so many happy reasons!

our weekend will be full of,
perusing baby clothes with lots of ruffles on the booty
lounging around in our corner king suite
eating. lots of eating.
live music
and walks by the river hand and hand with no destination in mind :)
i cannot wait.
come here 5:30, i will give you a kiss if you come fast :)

drumroll please....................

you can't tell in this picture, but the cake was pink :)

bring on, curls, frills, lacey booties, ruffles and all things girly and fancy!