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Thursday, March 28, 2013

maybe i should rename my blog, "the surprising and random blog posts of mrs. fox"? that would definitely be an accurate portrayal...

i just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC. it was AWESOME. good food, great, friends, and a glamorous city to be inspired by.

but when i came home and started to do laundry..i noticed something..since i became pregnant..1. i wear jeans all the time (which is simply ludicrous if you know my style habits) and 2. that i have been wearing a whole lotta black.they say black is slimming, but i'm pretty sure it can't hind my big ol' baby bump..(getting larger errday folks).

trying on clothes in urban. bought this lil number..love that it ISN'T maternity :)

so, my immediate thought was, how do i end this weird fashion slump i'm in..and in for at least 4 more mths?

cobalt blue shoes.

i know, the answer was just there! everyone knows that it is the fix to any fashion slump! when winter turns to spring, everyone is looking for bright colors to punch up an outfit. but if i have to stick to my jeans, and black t's (don't doubt that there isn't some sort of funky jacket involved), i can punch up my feet!

i am a cheapster, for sho, so these are the ones i've ordered to try out. if they aren't comfortable, i found these Nine Wests that may do as well:
I liked the Aldo ones better because they had better reviews and the color was brighter. can't wait to get my hands on them..or my feet.

what is your fashion slump quick fix?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hey you

i started a new blog. i'm scared. it will be more about fashion. finally. and it's a little easier to tell people what the name is. this blog doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

so..here goes


I switched to blogspot because tumbler did not allow comments, and was just not as simple as i was hoping. I may end up using my own domain, but above is the address that i am currently using. i am still figuring things out, thanks for your patience :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

it. is. finished.

i feel like my world is complete. it is the finale. nothing left to do, or work for. that's it. life. is. done.

ok..that may be a tad dramatic..but i'm allowed to be, this is my blog..where i get to vomit drama. (juuuust kidding)

but i do have something i'm pretty excited to announce...my wonderful chair. the one i envision lying around in and blogging my life away, where i sit and read posh magazines and sip chamomile tea and munching on macaroons.. where i sketch beautiful new clothing in my sketch book..(that is such a dream..if only i could draw...)

my chaise lounge has arrived...and so have i...

There is still soooo much to do to this room..but at least it has the chair. i love this chair.  i don't know why..i just do.

Friday, August 10, 2012

5 things

my daily must haves:

I put this in my coffee, i drink it plain, i use it in some recipes...i bathe in it..ok that one wasn't true...but i've thought about it!
wondering why i slide off of chairs? leave greasy impressions on anything i come in contact with? yeah..well i make be a greasy monkey....but i will age delicately! this stuff is better than lotion. it's great for your skin, makes you glow, prevents wrinkles..and makes me feel LUXURIOUS. seriously..just replace your lotion with this, and watch your skin transform!
I only discovered this a little over a year ago..i had heard about it..but $28 for a tube of primer?? what?? OH GURL. get it stat! I wear this every day, and my eye shadow stays on all day! i have also just worn it by itself, with some eye liner, and it keeps my eye lids non greasy and my liner from running.
around 2pm, i started dragging. but i don't want another cup of coffee, i usually have 1 cup of coffee only in the mornings. so this is my pick me up. it is so good! I love that it is hot tea, but leaves a refreshing taste in my mouth..no stank breath with this golden beverage!
this one right here...has literally revolutionized my life. getting ready never felt so breezy, and you know how i feel about being breezy! i am shocked when i come across someone who doesn't know how wonderful dry shampoo is. like seriously.. GO GET THIS NOW! there are so many brands, this one is my fav so far but hard to find. Suave makes one too that is like $3, it isn't as great for volume like Got2b is, but so cheap. Dry shampoo zaps up all the oil, has a great scent, and adds volume. what?! how is this now one of the world wonders??? i'm going to try the TIGI Rockholic one next, it is supposed to be the best.  Not washing your hair has never felt/smelt so good!

There you have it! My list of must haves. Please do share your must haves, i'm always looking for new ones!

Be You, Bisous!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a room with a view

little by little. my house is coming together. my little room that i was given 100% control over...is being furnished..it only took a year to pick out fabric for my chaise lounge...but who is counting (besides my husband).

for those who haven't followed so faithfully...i have a room in my house that is totally mine. i decided last year to make it a tea room..sitting room...reading room...MY room.

First i cleared everything out of it...it sat empty...

then i painted it...wait for it....eggplant purple. yeah..then i Repainted it..comfort grey:

(yeah..much much better)
Then..i bought a couch:
(old iphone pic..bad quality)

Then..i literally fell apart.
i couldn't make up my mind on anything else for the room. the paint fiasco left me doubting my abilities to decorate. i knew i wanted a chaise lounge..and my sweet friend..who conveniently owns a furniture store..helped me find one...but then i had to decide a fabric?!? what? more decisions. it literally took 1 year. 1 YEAR to pick out a fabric. I would go into the store and pour over countless swatches...i would pick out 2 or 3 and then i was gonna decide. i would ask co workers/family/friends/strangers...which ones they liked...and then i would just end up putting it on a shelf..literally and figuratively. what if i made the wrong decision? so i ended up just not making any decision for a year. oh but i talked about it...all the time. i stared at my room..pictured this chair. i started to HATE the chair. the non existent one sitting un-fabric'ed in my house.. and then about 3 weeks ago..I DECIDED. i picked a fabric. i made a decision. i don't know what i got into me..but i did it.
i love this chair. i better love this chair. everyone better love this chair! ha. and ya know what? the fabric i picked for it..was the one i wanted from the very beginning..the one i let everyone talk me out of. sometimes you just gotta go back to your original thought. it had been my gut feeling. i gotta good gut!

i debated on my theme in the room...not big on themes, but i like a fun color combo to base my room around..so i chose cherry and mint.
the room will still take time to accessorize (curtains, tables, art, etc) and i will have to choose an accent chair..and...wait for it...a fabric for that....DEAR LORD HELP US ALL.

But for now, here is what the room looks like sans chaise (haven't gotten it in yet):

(ignore the HUGE black thing on the left...my husband has been storing work equipment in MY room)
It's a rough draft..but soon..all of our dreams for this room will come true!!!! ( i say our because you have been so supportive :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

vacation part 2

5 things i have learned while on vacation:

1. no matter how much i try to tan..including getting spray tanned before vacation (which is a whole other hilarious story)...my husband..will ALWAYS be darker..and he stays in the shade most of the time. life isn't fair.
2. i got a little wild on vacation and drank a diet coke. crazy i know! even crazier..it was after 6pm. yeah..i regretted it. wide awake in bed for hours. kids..rebellion is not the answer.
3. North Carolina is a fantastically diverse and beautiful state. i highly recommend it.
4. Excessive sweat causes you to shower..every day. it is. DREADFUL. no one should shower everyday. no one.
5. my husband looked at me last night and said..."we have hardly anything in common". moral of the story..when opposites attract, it is a real. good. thing. i love that man.

ridiculous. no?
look at his skin and mine...what???
such adventurers
waterfalls are glorious
I may have pretended i was on a call to catch this shot of the town sheriff.
my husband bought me this hat. so fun!
i conquered this mountain. but i didn't find any Mohicans. sadly

Monday, July 2, 2012


I know what you are thinking...man..this girl takes a lot of vacations. That is partly true. However, This is the first one in a while..that i wasn't also working...ok i didn't work in madrid..but jet lag, combined with the hustle and bustle of a big city..made it not feel like vacation as much.
But this..this has definitely felt like vacation. Plus..it is my very first lake vacation.
We are at Lake Lure with my husband's family. it is awesome. surrounded by mountains. and near a beautiful lake has made this an incredibly relaxing time, not to mention it is where Dirty Dancing was partially filmed..AND Last of the Mohicans!  i'm exhausted from all the nothing i'm done. ha. i'm actually realizing how hard it is to just do nothing. but..don't worry..i'm getting very used to it. i haven't worn makeup, fixed my hair, or pretty much looked in the mirror for 3 days. it is awesome.
only 2 more days of this....

aint we cute?