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Friday, December 17, 2010

my big red van...

I drive a big red van...this is true. I have been driving it since i was 19. It was a hand me down from my dad when I moved out. At 19 it doesn't matter as much, to me at least, what you are driving as long as it gets you from a-b. but at nearly 26...im soooooo over it. i was over it at 23. i named it the bullet. the bullet has been shockingly faithful to me for the last 6.5 years. there were so many times it gave me trouble, or i thought it was the end...yet a few new parts here and there, and it was back to it's loud self. so many times i would pull up to a stop light in the summer, and people with there windows down would look over at me because the bullet was so loud. on occasion i've walked to a different car pretending to be looking for my keys, until people weren't looking. the bullet was fun don't get me wrong. it was known around campus, friends affectionately joked about it. it has been the party bus on toooo many occasions. i was even known as "soccer mom" for all the rides i would give to friends without cars. one time.....believe it or not, the bullet was stolen. right from in front of my house. i didn't even realize it till later the next day. i laughed when i realized it. i laughed when the cop came to get the report. i laughed when we found it a week later. and i did cry a bit when we had to start it up with a screwdriver because the thief ripped the ignition out....good times...many of nights the bullet was a confessional or a counseling office. i would drive a friend home, and we would sit there for hours talking and probably crying. friends i haven't seen for years will laugh when they see i'm still driving the bullet. a few of my friends tried to get me to use the bullet as our getaway car after i got married...(as if)... so many times i was driving somewhere, in the bullet of course, and it would do something weird...like shut off while driving...naturally..and i would put my hand on the dash and say, "please Lord...not now...not yet...a few more months...." no one thought it would last this long..not even me.
God heard me then...and he is hearing me now..."PLEASE LORD...A NEW CAR!!"
Jonathan says that we can get a new car in january :) i almost can't even believe it! And as happy and relived i will be...to get in a car and believe that i will make it to my destination without a worry or care....it won't be the bullet. it won't represent my life as a hippie. as a single girl. as a soccer mom. someone who marched to a different beat...(or in the bullets case...a loud ticking noise) i will no longer have that quirky character vehicle that opposes the norm...whatever that means...i guess all that to say..without the bullet...i will feel a little more normal than i'm ready for ... =/
but then again...what is normal?

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