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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

things you need to know....

to improve your life...jk

1. if i don't squeeze this kid every 48 hrs...something inside me dies.
no joke.

(cutest little ginger niece. ever.)

2. i was supposed to leave for Madrid tomorrow. but due to some unforeseen airline strikes...i'm leaving friday now instead. this is crazy...especially because Clemence didn't know/forgot, i was flying in Friday morning...she thought i came in Saturday morning...and NOW I AM. it's like the twilight zone. basically.

3. my friends have been pretty great at understanding that i'm not ready for little bebe's yet. i really love being auntie to 3 beautiful new babes. but it is even more wonderful when your besties says, "i'm glad you aren't having a baby yet, because i'm gonna need a year to figure this kid out, so that i can give you 100% of my focus during your time". that my friends, is love. pure love. it is also great because i plan on being a diva.."you there, hand me my robe and slippers and that carton of ben and jerry's! now take me shopping clown!" (jk?)

4. march madness is cray cray. but seriously. where i live. it is nutso. not to mention our team is in the final four. this means, after games, my husband confuses himself with a baller. drives to the store, buys a basketball and forces kelly and i out to the park at midnight to.. "ball"

(yes..i am wearing sandals. that is how baller i am)

5. this is what a model looks like after giving birth:

ok..she isn't a model. but she fools everyone. i mean..seriously cara? but not only is she tan all year round, consistently smells of coconuts and vanilla beans, doesn't wear a stitch of makeup on her face, and pushed that 8 pounder out without an OUNCE of drugs... she is the most compassionate and giving person i know. after all, she is the one who wants to give me all her attention :)

ok..that is all for today. i hope you learned a thing or two from this post. if you haven't...read it again...and again...and again...until you have really come to grips with your life.

You are welcome :)

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