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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hey old friend

blogging is like catching up with a friend. if too much time goes by, you have so much to talk about, but it's so much...you end up just saying, "life is good..just busy"

so hey friend..life is good...just very very busy.

i've been meeting friends for breakfast, which is so totally worth it..but definitely cuts into my blogging time. work has been very busy, and i have had to work some long hours....so by the time i get home, blogging is not on this frazzled mind. plus..i don't know about any of you other bloggers, but the pressure of finding something to blog about...can be overwhelming. i mean, i think my life is pretty awesome, and funny..no, hilarious, things happen to me all the time. but putting that into a blog post is daunting.

PLUS, you have to have pictures...if you don't have pictures, people are less likely to read your blog. that being said, i didn't start this blog so people would read it. honestly. i started it because it was therapeutic, and i enjoy writing. but i have read, and i have noticed, pictures bring a blog to life.
There are lots of posts i have coming..one i'm very excited about...when Leanne was here last week, we spent the entire day together, which included lots of food, shopping, movies and my favorite...SEPHORA. i will be posting about our adventure soon.

i leave for Spain in 15 days. holy cow. i still need to tan, lose 7 lbs, and have a brand new wardrobe..i'm working on this :) i definitely plan on posting every last detail about Spain before i go, while i'm there, and it will included many similes...

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