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Thursday, March 1, 2012

opposites attract

i have a lot to say for this post. i don't have it all organized in my mind, so i apologize in advance for it being scattered.

i married the polar opposite of me. i've been thinking of how to demonstrate, and then i saw our shoes sitting together.
exhibit a:
my husband wears old sneakers. every day. doesn't matter the outfit. his trusty old sneakers are snuggled comfortably on his feet.
these yellow shoes are my favorite shoes in the whole world. aren't they fabulous? (the answer is yes) i saw them in a magazine and i just had to have them. i put them on my christmas list a few years ago. my sister Rachel bought them for me...but not before making sure i knew she hated them. in fact..all of my sisters hated them (fact: when you have a family made up of 8 women...you have to have TOUGH skin..don't even get me started on when i started wearing red lipstick.. that is for another post...)
thankfully, i don't care. i don't care if my friends hate what i wear or my family, if i feel good, and love it...then it doesn't matter.
the first time i wore these shoes i felt a little insecure. i was thinking about what my sisters thought about them...and doubting my love for them. but i pressed on..and you know what? i had 7 girls/women come up to me while i was out and compliment my shoes :)

i have a pretty unique sense of style. i went through a very vintage stage..i wore some pretty strange crap. but i loved it. and one day i will post a picture of my favorite vintage skirt..it has every color of the rainbow on it and ribbons that flow free from it. my sisters really hate that one :)

back to my husband and i.
he doesn't divert too much from his cargo shorts and polos.
i hate cargo shorts and polos.
in fact i used to say i would NEVER be interested in a guy who wore the aforementioned outfit. but...alas...i married him.
he does NOT get my style. he would prefer if i wore jeans and a t shirt everyday. because it is "plain"...omg i am not a fan of plain. if i wear jeans and a t shirt, you better believe it is accompanied with TONS of jewelry or something.
oh yeah..and i mix metals. Rachel, it doesn't bother me..at all. gold and silver at the same time??? the horror :)
but despite my family, my husband, and even some of my friends, i wear what i want, and what makes me feel good.
style isn't what is in, or what is fashionable, it is wearing what makes you feel good...and wearing it with confidence.
it is good to have a husband who is different than me. and who isn't a fan of my clothing choices, it makes me deal with insecurities and learn to step out of comfort zones. He doesn't care about fashion or what all the "cool kids" wear, he literally just throws on whatever is clean. i admire that about him.
I have been put together with this man for a reason...and it does not involve fashion!


  1. I think it's great to have your own personality and flair, and personally, I love the shoes. :) Men will never "get" women's fashion ideas, which is fine, but I do think it's important as a wife to still make yourself attractive to him. If he doesn't care either way, go for it! But if he hates red lipstick and bright hair, I think it's honoring to find a compromise that you are happy with and that he finds attractive.

    1. haha well i dont wear the lipstick around him...oh and he loves the red hair :)