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Monday, March 19, 2012

it's the elephants...

so the other day i crept..oh so quietly and creepily into my roommate's closet. it is kinda my closet too..not just because it is my house...but because what's hers is mine...right kel? right. cool.
in a quick attempt to pull together an awesome last minute ensemble, (naturally), i pulled out a fun/flowy blouse with tiny elephants on it.
i don't typically wear outfits with little animals on them..like seriously..pants from jcrew with those little creatures.

i tried to get over my fear of these little elephants staring up at me..judging me..and honestly..i didn't have enough time to change.
i came downstairs and said to my roommate..."i'm not sure how i feel about this shirt..i don't typically wear animals on my clothes" her response.."those aren't animals..they are (as she leans in closer to HER shirt)..oh they are elephants." haha.
i walked into work..immediately i received compliments, "love the shirt", "what a cute shirt"..my reply..ever so akwardly.."i don't do elephants".

anyway..the whole day i was OFF. like weirdly off. forgetting peoples names, missed calculations (i even use a calculater), sending emails to the wrong people..i mean weird. i had plenty of sleep the night before, i had an accurate and efficient amount of coffee..i had a great energy charged breakfast. so what was wrong?
i went into the kitchen to grab some hot tea, and my co worker jokingly remarked.."how's the elephants working out for you today?" and then it hit me!
my off day...it wasn't due to any strange misalignment of the cosmos...it was the elephants! i'm convinced that they were working their hardest to keep me off my game since i was hatin on them.

elephants aren't supposed to forget anything...and they can balance on tiny balls and stuff like that...but for me...they are the demise of my work day flow.

blast you elephants...blast you!

disclaimer: if you wear clothes with tiny animals on them..go for it, more preppy power to you! you have bigger balls than me..(inappropriate? nah..)

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  1. darn those fiesty creatures! you are adorbs. whats yours is mine.