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Thursday, March 22, 2012

i'm a late bloomer.

guess who's wisdom teeth are making a surprise, unexpected, unwanted visit!


this is not cool...not cool at all.

I had a mild panic attack when i found out. i made an immediate appt with my dentist..yeah they hadn't seen me in a few years...
apparently you should go more than once every 4-5 years. oopsies.

anyway..i need all four out.


i'm 27. not 17. i don't want chipmunk cheeks.
but i wouldn't mind a few days off...(says the girl who leaves for a 9 day vacation one week from today...)

ONE WEEK! yowza..i need to go pack...oy vey. packing..the demise of my vacation experience...


  1. Oh no! My friend just got hers out recently too. At least you'll have a good excuse to eat ice cream!

    1. so very true! i plan on milking this for all it is worth..(no pun intended)

  2. i had a feeling you'd need them out. :( remember how you have friends with weird schedules though that could come and bring your froyo and force feed pain meds? oh wait...sometimes your husband has weird hours too...but i relate to chipmunk cheeks and can totally comfort and act motherly! :)

    1. remember how you are the best. ever. ?

  3. You really have to look forward to all of the crazy things you'll say when you're under the influence of anesthesia and pain killers! That's the best part. For some reason I had this alter ego emerged in which I only chose to speak in curse words. That was such a treat for my mom when we were leaving the oral surgeon's office.

    Also, maybe you'll be one of those people that has a miraculous recovery and eats pizza that same night!

    1. fran. i give you the permission to come and record me. then put it on youtube, and we will become famous. and we will both appear on dancing with the stars.