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Thursday, March 8, 2012

a few good things and some not so good things

1. starting your work day off by meeting a friend for breakfast.
-i have the same routine every morning. so when my friend asked if i was willing to grab breakfast before work i was exited to oblige. mostly because she is literally about to pop out a child (because "popping" them out is all that it entails right??? right???). so we met for breakfast and had a riot of a good time. ya hear me? a riot.
but i noticed that i was literally whistling while i worked. this. is. crazy. not only because...who whistles in a small office..but because the past few weeks at work have been so stressful. and don't get me wrong. it was still a very stressful day, but i felt more at peace.
so i did it again. i had breakfast this morning with Leanne! yes leanne is in town. and it is heavenly. of course she flew in so literally at the time we were supposed to meet up..i get the call that she needs a ride. silly lee.
we didn't have long..but it was still so rewarding. and again, i felt more relaxed at work.
i recommend doing this.

2. a. making dinner while your husband chats your ear off about everything and nothing.
b. making something for dinner that satisfies your husband and he talks about it an hour later..about how good it was. (something you should know...feeding my husband is an ordeal. he needs food STAT. he is a large man (6'4, 210lbs) and has the appetite of 7, 14 year old boys. no lie. so making a home cooked meal, that only take 45 min or so...is 35min too long for him)

3. trying out new recipes and they are a success! (see above to understand the success part)
- when i work and get home..i literally just want to put yoga pants on (which my friend has dubbed "after work to eat leftover pizza and watch netflix" pants. and i literally want to do nothing. but i decided to make a new recipe a week. and it has been so fun!
(Tortilla soup and Quiche!)

4. Coming home.
-isn't it just a really good thing? i came home this evening, to a husband who was cleaning the house (after an equally stressful day) and he had planned a fun night of pizza and a movie for us.
it's gloomy out, i of course didn't dress apropo for rain..so my flats got all socked and everything felt a little moist from running to my office to the car...and getting home and putting on those great pants we talked about, for a night in. is just great. i love home. and lamp.

4. -best friends and their babies
-bloggers..if you have a best friend. and they have a baby. and you get to "help" them by holding said baby for 3.5 hrs and letting him snuggle oh so close to your chest...it is a VERY good thing.

1 -i bought a groupon for tanning..i know. i know. but it's for a good cause. (a healthier glow..duh)
so i went for about 10 min. (i was taking it easy)..and let's just say...my cheeks are RED. painfully RED. and i ain't talking about my face. OUCH.

2. sweet clients (sarcasm)
- "honey you must be having a slightly better day today...you sound a little less uptight"
(just take a few moments to imagine how irritating this was to hear...and times it by 100)

3. soggy dogs
-(this title is offensive..i'm aware. i wrote it and I'm offended by it.)
just picture this:
rain+damp muddy ground+uncontrollable excitement+ a golden retriever= stinky, muddy, smelly greeting when i came home.

i am sure i can come up with more...but who wants to hear me complain?

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