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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tornados, sunshine, and snowstorms, oh my!

I don't have much time to post this morning, but i had to share about our weekend.
Friday our whole city was on alert that a huge storm was on their way. Our office closed early and everyone was sent for cover. no joke. i was half terrified and the other half in disbelief. I have lived in this state my whole life, and in my city there has never been a tornado around me. plus..our weatherman suck here. anyway...the mr and i, plus jack headed to my parents basement...along with the rest of my family and their dogs...it was hilarious and fun.
Our city was unaffected, and we were relieved, but then we found out that neighboring cities weren't so lucky. here is just one of the images from Friday:
this is only about 45min from my house.
i know other states near us had many more fatalities and loss, but this still hit very close to home. i started thinking what would i have grabbed if i had seen this coming for my house? photos? wedding dress? my favorite clothes? it sounds silly, but i have seen many pictures from this weekend of houses being completely destroyed....you would have grabbed stuff too!

After the storms friday night, we had the most beautiful Saturday. It was warm, and the sun was bright, no rain in sight (i can't help but rhyme sometimes guys..i'm sorry).
And then...low and behold....

I couldn't even believe it when the Mr woke me up and told me to look outside, 5 inches! we don't have much snow here...maybe 1-2 inches. and then every couple of years we get maybe 3-5inches. But after such a warm weekend, it was so surprising! and cold...i put my winter coat up weeks ago..i'm boycotting winter..it is time for spring.

The snow is slowly melting, and it is very pretty to look at..but thankfully i have this to look forward to in 23 days:

i can't get the weather for while i'm there, yet..but if it is this warm mid march, i'm sure it will get even warmer! #ihatecoldweatherunlessitischristmas

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