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Friday, March 16, 2012

now think about your dad...what's your dad like...

my title is from a very very silly, but favorite, youtube video. it seemed like a good title for this post. i know i said i was going to post about cargo shorts...but in light of some news i received this morning...it didn't seem fitting.

i received an email this morning that a very dear friend of mine lost her dad. he had been fighting cancer for some time now. my heart broke.
i'm not the type of person who can you be ok just sitting thousands of miles away from this friend while she is hurting. i need a plane to France. stat. anyone?? i want to be there...helping, hurting with her..and hugging.
i have had several close friends lose their parents. it is devastating. some were expected. some were unexpected. either way...whether you were "preparing" for it, or not...it is equally crappy in every way. of course..this is what i'm told. i have not lost my parents.

this isn't supposed to be a depressing post, but i don't care what you think..i can't just be ok posting about anything frivolous today, when i have loved ones who are hurting.

love on your parents today. if they are still alive, thank the Lord for his provisions....and don't miss any opportunities to love on them.

(this pic was taken at disney world...right before each of us dropped our light up toys in the pond..all 3 of us did....my dad was so mad...hahaha...i think he should have been mad about his all white outfit)
(my dad wanted boys..but he got 6 girls instead..this is during one of our "roughing" up sessions..he would wrestle with us so he wouldn't raise "sissy's" yes my dad is that guy. he raised some pretty sissy girls anyway :) )

i will be with my friend in a few weeks, but i would trade that trip in a heartbeat to be with her right now.

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