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Sunday, April 1, 2012


2nd full day in Madrid..i'm exhausted!
i have no idea how to even cover my trip with words and it is only the 2nd day! Soooo here are some pictures!

Drive into the city:
Spanish Nightclub:
Strange and wonderful vintage shopping:

Abandoned looking buildings....
That lead to magnificent rooftop restaurants:

Where you order "scrambled eggs with ham" and get a friend egg on top of lima beans, with french fries decorating the top?:
Museum for a history of Ballet exhibit:

Museums with REALLY bright bathrooms:

Museums that also have garden walls:

And naturally...a bull fight:

(** i was incredibly appalled by the bull fights. I would just like to clarify that i HATED it. it was grotesque, inhuman, and just downright disturbing...but i am thankful for the experience)

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