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Thursday, March 15, 2012

my date with lee

have you ever spent an ENTIRE day with a best friend? vacations don't count.

like you literally were together from sun up to sun down? probably very rare.
well that was what i did on saturday with lee. she was in town for only a few days.
so we had to make the most of every moment.

i picked her up saturday morning, and we went and grabbed coffee. and we sat and talked
and loved and drank. it was fabulous.
then we went to target. who doesn't love target?? we just walked and shopped, and talked.
one time, the day before her wedding, we went to target to grab a couple of things..fast trip, in and out. we ended up standing in target and talking for 2.5 hrs. woopsies.
when you are with a friend like that, where you have a deep connection with, 2.5 hrs just flys.
especially when you are hundreds of miles a part 99% of the time.

we literally did just whatever came to mind. we forgot to take pics most of the time. or the pic turned out bad...so we couldn't post it..but here are a few:

(this is an example of ones that didn't turn out..we are actually laughing at how bad they were!)
most of our day did consist of eating. buuut this last pic is of lee eating dark chocolate with cayenne pepper...it was weird..yet fascinating. also. can we discuss the girl in the background??? maybe another time? ok..
we also got makeovers at Sephora..well i did. ha.
Lee had told me about some makeup she had gotten samples of at Sephora, called "make up forever"...which is muy $$$. but worth it (still working on feeling this way). a girl there had me take my makeup off and she redid it with the MUF. it looked awesome.
but here is the thing..1. it's expensive. 2. i am pretty sure it is called make up forever because it takes FOREVER to put on. seriously..it has like 6 steps.. moistuizer, primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder...etc..so they gave me samples of all of that stuff..for FREE! woo hoo. if you want some free new makeup...go to sephora, they will hook a sister up!
i used phrases like, "i really want to buy new makeup, but i'm not sure if i want to commit from just one use..." (free samples will be thrown at you).

the rest of the day consisted of sad movies (the vow), spicy thai food (we literally killed parts of our tongue...it was so great!), and cuddling on the couch.

lee, it was perfect in every way. missing you mucho today!

stay tuned for tomorrow's post..it's about the ever offensive: Cargo Shorts

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