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Monday, February 27, 2012

bday weekend

hello bloggers! my you look older today! oh wait..that is just me looking older. 1 year older to be precise. actually i think i look the exact same...

it was a great weekend. full of friends, shopping and snuggling. just what i wanted.

Friday night a few friends and i went out to eat and back to my house for cake and cuddling. there was an air mattress blown up just for the occasion. i wanted everyone to sit together :) which it turns out..sitting on an air mattress is very difficult...

Saturday day, the mr took me to cincinnati and we shopped at ikea, and a few other places before heading downtown for a concert. foreigner. they were old. but rocked. i love the classics :)

we stayed in a hotel downtown and then got up the next morning and searched for some breakfast. found a brueggers and at some awesome bagels. we then realized that there was a starbucks across the street....it was the one where we had our first date! well, we didn't have our first date there, but went to grab some hot chocolate after dinner downtown on our first date. so that was a fun memory!

anyway...here are some pics of my weekend:

(some of my bday presents..love these shirts)
(just one of the many pics taken during cuddlefest 2012)

(old rommies...love them)(fake eyelashes, red lipstick, lingerie..wait what? yep. i am wearing lingerie as a dress...just go with it..)

(snuck in some cuddle time with my little neice)
(picked out some closet organization from ikea)

(rocked out with people who were at least 30 years older than me)
(my new earrings from joy..also my hair looked like a hot mess all weekend. it was great)

(before heading home we popped in this urban outfitters and shopped a little more..my poor husband..literally) (btw it is in a church!)

i didn't have a lot of time this morning..sorry if it is scattered and weird..but that is me. so..enjoy!

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  1. Happy happy birthday! Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend :)