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Friday, February 10, 2012

a friend like no other

today is a very special day. 26 years ago, my beautiful friend Leanne was born.
you may remember her from a few others post i've done..here and here.

she is beautiful, kind, funny, compassionate, loving, and incredibly loved by many...me included.

we became best friends almost instantly. i honestly don't even know how it happened. all of the sudden we just were. but the most challenging thing about our friendship is that we have never lived in the same state since being friends. she is from my city, and is related to my brother in law. so we see each other as much as possible when she comes home to visit family. but we have really had to work on keeping our friendship going since it has mostly been over the phone..or skype..or gchat..ha (technology is awesome).

She is my most loyal follower...and never lets me forget it :)
if i haven't updated it in a few days...i know she is frustrated with me...she checks it everyday.
I didn't start this blog because i thought i had something to say that everyone needed to hear...or that i had the most awesome wardrobe everyone needed to see (although both of those are so true...jk...not really)
i started it as a joke...and then kept it up for Leanne. life doesn't always provide time for phone conversations. and sometimes you just want to know the silly things on your BFF's mind...
so Leanne...you are welcome :)
(the summer we became friends...then had to say goodbye)
(this would be right after we jumped into a lake..in january..we may or may not have been naked)

(my first trip out to st. louis to visit her, and go dress shopping..we were both engaged this summer)
(a loyal bridesmaid who came into town for one of my showers..she also was my lifesaver 24 hrs prior to the wedding..when i had a bit of a breakdown in the dressing room of victoria secret haha)
(she helped me get ready to become a mrs.)
(my photographer asked us to do something very..."us"...this is us figuring out how to look like we sound squeaky...(leanne has a very squeaky voice i like to mimick))
(This would now be my third trip out to st louis...this time...for her to become a mrs :).....this is also when she was getting a pedicure and the lady started waxing her toes...because "they really needed it")
(after she became a mrs.)

This is a long post...and there is so much more i can say. but just know this, my life has been so beautiful with her in it. and a lot squeakier too!

and for your bday Lee...here is the poem i wrote at midnight, to acquiesce your bday wish:

On a cold wintry day in November
I met this girl who's smile was so tender
she lit up the room with her sweet spunky spirit
and her voice so cute and squeaky, to anyone who
could hear it.
I didn't know that some chance meeting would bring me a best friend
who would soon by fleeting.
Our friendship has always had at least 400 miles between
but our bond was stronger and sweeter than any eye had seen.
Today is her birthday and i'm forever blessed
that God brought Leanne into this world
And that our friendship can stand any test.
-Love forever and more
Erica :)

(also...you have to admit Leanne, my poetry for you has come a long way from "pretty pretty leanne...thank goodness you are not a man")

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