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Saturday, February 18, 2012

a year ago this weekend.

you may or may not remember this time a year ago..this weekend...or however you say that...but i sure do.
it was one of the best weekends of my life.
i posted about it before, but i never actually explained what happened.
my best friend Caris and i had planned to take a bday trip to Asheville,Nc. the morning we were supposed to leave, she called to tell me she couldn't go. flu. eek.
i laid in bed that morning trying to decide what to do..so i started making calls. i couldn't not go. we had tickets to the biltmore. and a hotel room.
i debated on how many people i was to call. before sounding desperate..or being offensive. (yeah you are like my 4th call).
but i started with my sister.
she said she prob couldn't go with me. work.obligations. being an adult. whatev.
then i moved on to my friend Kelly (my current roommate and housekeeper). she wasn't answering..how rude. (turns out she was in class or something dumb like that).
my husband had to work all weekend so he couldn't go.
(apparently when you own the company..you can't just call in sick. blast.)
so..i debated on if i should call anyone else. i was still laying in bed.
finally..my sister calls. yes she can go. she was leaving work to go home and pack. YES.
then..kelly calls back..she says she is definitely in.
so the 3 of us, headed out of town to the beautiful Asheville Nc.

a few things you should know:

1. mountains are freaking beautiful.
2. these two people made for the best weekend trip..possibly ever
3. i hated this haircut. short and awkward. but i was happy nonetheless
4. we took so many pictures that i'm pretty sure people thought we had never been out of town. ever.
5. dowtown asheville is perfect. but it is very easy to get lost. but..you can still take lots of pics despite having no clue where your hotel is.

6. asheville, nc is the best little hippie town ever. if not for the beautiful landscapes of mountains, wonderful restaurants, great shopping...this reason alone, would do the trick, Behold lavender creme brulee
There is a place called the chocolate lounge. there was live music, every dessert imaginable, and the coffee was french pressed. all things that make for a perfect late night jaunt.

7. the wind was fierce and so was the hair:

we shopped. we loved on mountains. we LAUGHED. we picnicked. we walked around the Biltmore like we owned it...and best of all..we were told that we should win fashion awards by a stranger.
yeah. you could say it was a pretty cool weekend.

wish i were in asheville now.

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