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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

there is this girl...

she is a big deal. she is my brother in law's cousin..so basically she is my cousin. i have an incredible life, filled with these random encounters that result in best friendships. Leanne is a great example. we just became best friends. we have had a long distance relationship, but fortunately never lost contact. we even saw each once every few months...UNTIL
last year...this next week, we will each other for the first time since her wedding last july.

(ok, we saw each other at christmas, but it was only for 2 hours. and it doesn't count because i was running errands and i was super stressed out, and she was riding along and kept falling asleep because she is a nurse and works night shift and then drove 11hrs to home. she agrees, this does NOT count)

Anyway-we will reunite. and it is going to be beautiful and squeaky (she has an adorable squeak to her). i love technology, and being able to skype, but nothing quite compares to being and person and holding on tight! our husbands are going to be severely ignored in the next week..
5 days lee lee, 5 DAYS!!!!!!

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