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Thursday, February 23, 2012

my ship has come in!

ok. more like..my shipments. of items i bought. have arrived. after i ordered them online. i was sick last week. and missing my favorites in concert (shane&shane). so i shopped online. it soothes me. ok? geez...what is with the 3rd degree?? can't a girl shop from time to time?

sorry..had to sort that out... with..myself.

anyway. i've been doing some searching online for a few items..and found some great sales!

i wanted to find some great, comfy shoes..that aren't flip flops or flats...or tennies. these are definitely a lot oranger than i thought they would be..but i kinda like it that way! you can find them here...and they are cheaper now! score for you! blast for me!

This little clutch was just calling my name. i never buy anything red...and red snakeskin? i had to. i don't need this. at all. at least i'm honest....(besides it was only $10)

and last..but certainly not least..my new purse! i have been eyeing bowler bags for a while..and found this one on sale and UO. it is definitely large. but as i was told recently..by my friend who was pregnant...if you carry a larger bag...you look smaller (of course..this was advice she read in a pregnancy magazine...but it should still apply...right??!)
it also fits my cute little mac perfectly!!! (score for spain carry-on!)

(they still have it..but only in red..and $10 more..but it's still so cute and rooooooomy!!!)

tomorrow night i have a fun night planned with some of the lovely ladies in my life..they are required to wear lipstick...(i swear it's curtains for them if they don't..jk..nope..not all all kidding)...they have all had me salivating at the hints to my bday presents! oh i can't wait. honestly..they didn't have to get me a THING. getting to have a night with them has had me anxious all week! (but i'm still super exciting to see what they have picked out for me!)

i will definitely be posting pictures of my lovely weekend..first girls night. then out of town with my boo for shopping, eating, concerts, snuggling and a beautiful hotel!!! #ifreakinglovehotels

one more day of work...then...

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