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Friday, September 30, 2011

different kind of day.

I generally never want to go into work. i would rather stay at home, and bake and read, and sew (i can't sew, but it sounded good).
but i go. i book vacations. i listen to complaints. i busy myself with paperwork, and quoting people.
i say the same phrases over and over again. "yes mexico is safe", "no they don't speak american in jamaica"...etc

today though, my friend Leanne woke up, and wanted to stay in bed. But of course, like myself, she had to go. but her work day is much different. She takes care of infants who are in intensive care. sick, very tiny, babies. she holds them, and comforts them, and gives them medicine. so her not wanting to go to work, is much more understandable. especially when i got the following text from her today:

"I have to take a baby off of life support today. Please pray for me"

very different day from mine.

love you leanne, praying for you and those babies!

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