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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the story of Jack

this is jack, if you feel like he has a perpetual look of insecurity or that his feelings have been hurt. you would be right. he is the needy-est creature i have ever known. i.am.so.in.love.

i used to make fun of newly married couples who got dogs. i felt like it was so cliched. i felt like it was the "norm" and so everyone did it. i try to steer clear of the "norm" but some how it finds me...

(killing cricket...yes!)

i had always grown up around dogs. i am very fond of them, but i never felt like they were mine, or that i directly effecting them in anyway. we have a family dog names Lady, who is 11, and thankfully still alive. she is a big deal in our family. but still..she wasn't mine..

the mr and i had been married about 9 mths (ironic? i think not..) when we got jack, July 9th to be exact. we weren't searching for a dog, but he found us (i love a good cheesy line). my husband had some clients who owned jack. mr would be at their house for different things and he would always play with jack. he would take pictures, and of course send them to me along with captions that said, "isn't he so cute?" "he is so fun!'. mr would always talke about this dog. i would, say, "we should get one" but the mr would always say, "the timing isn't right for us"
but then the call came; they wanted to give us jack. (this was actually in april). they were wanting to give him up because they didn't have enough time for him, plus they had small children who took most of their timewe were ex tactic. we prayed about it...I got to meet him, and then we said yes. well then they changed their mind. they loved jack too much to give him over. their decision was devastating to us. we were so close to owning a dog together, i was ready to let go of my pre existing notions of not wanting to be a cliche.

then a few mths later, we got the call again. except this time, as soon as we said yes, (no take backs), jack was in our living room. i went from being slightly judgy to people who's house smelled like dog, or had pet fur all over them...to letting this guy sleep in my bed...on my WHITE duvet cover.

(ruining my favorite makeup brush)

But. we are in love. he sleeps with us..he is a 90lb dog. he takes up all the room. the mr and i are falling off the edges...yet..we don't want to wake him because he looks so cute. yep. that is love.
he is our child. for now :) there are so many funny things he does, or has done, but...this is already a novel. i will add stories here and there, but for now, the story of us becoming a family will have to do.

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  1. Aww, he's soooo cute! I don't think a house is a home without a dog :)