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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

that awkward moment when...

you walk into the salon...and they don't have to ask you why you are there....

i have finally bit the bullet and made another hair appt. i was debating on what i should do for awhile now. should i stay red? should i keep going to the beauty school? what if they mess it up? (i go there for my color because they use redkin...and it costs $20!)
i also have an awesome stylist at a salon, but she is $$$. So i try to only get my hair cut with her twice a year.
i found another girl who cuts my bangs PERFECTLY. bangs are a big deal. if your bangs look good..the rest of your hair can look crazy. but she works at Ulta.

so basically: there are now 3 different places i need to go when getting my hair done. color. cut and bangs.
but lets be honest...isn't that excessive? yes. yes it is.

so i've just let my hair go. which is a TERRIBLE idea when you have light blondish/brown hair and you color it BRIGHT RED. the result...the most horrendous roots you have ever seen. they look grey. they are at least 2 inches now. oh my lanta. and believe me..they aren't the cool roots like all the cool kids have right now. (except for you sydney...sorry, but she really needs to do her roots...BAD)

fear not. i have made a hair appt for tonight. and i'm gonna ask her to cut my bangs. lets hope she has been a student for more than a minute.
(my first time at this school getting my hair colored, i asked the girl how often she does color...her response, "on an actual human??! this is my first time out on the floor!" she was so excited. i was petrified.)


  1. When my college roommate went to school at Aveda, I was her guinea pig all the time. The first time she colored my hair, it turned raven black. I was horrified, but I didn't want her to fail her class, so I pretended like I loved it to her instructor...then freaked out at her at home. Hahaha!

    1. haha that is awesome. the girl did a great job, and my bangs rock. so maybe i don't have to go to 3 different places after all....but then again..there is always next month!