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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i'll make bbq

happy vday!!

Here is a little treat for your valentines day:
click here
(i freaking love this guy)
and guess who is going out on the town tonight with the mr???


and he didn't even read my blog post the other day :)

it will be low key evening, which i am thankful for. it has been a very long week...and it is only tuesday.
it is busy season in my office. and it has been insane. it has been hard to stay interested in what i do. i don't have passion for being a travel consultant anymore. but i'm trying to stay content. i plan on being there for at least 2 more years....
i have no clue what i would do when i quit...have babies? ha
(Update: Caris had her sweet baby boy yesterday, and i am in love with that little guy! Mama and baby are doing great)
it is true that all my closest friends are getting pregnant/already pregnant/ or just had a baby.
but i am not there yet...i have too much to accomplish before that part of my life begins...because after all...once you begin that aspect....it never stops.
this is not be vomiting negativity on it. just stating my opinion for me, and my life.
When i made my "bucket list", i was very serious about finishing it. And maybe it won't be complete this year...or next (after all i said a marathon not a 5k originally)..but it sparked a desire in me to really pursue fun things that i usually a. don't make time for. b. think is too silly to do/want c. doubt my abilities.
I encourage you to make a list if you haven't. It doesn't have to be super complicated..after all i had fake eyelashes on there :)
but it does need to consider things that you wouldn't normally do, but that you have always thought about doing....then...START CROSSING IT OFF!
Once i started crossing things off...i started making more lists...maybe lists are my new thing :)
whatever your bucket list consists of...make it fun, but be serious about it...and most importantly

(Vito Santi S. 2/13/12 7lbs, 4oz. and perfectly italian in every way. auntie E is very, very much, in love with this little man)

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