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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Shmalentines

this may come as a shock to you single ladies out there. but valentines day is just as disappointing when you are married as it is when you are single.

maybe you are among the few that thinks vday is just the best day ev. if you are...stay away from me. far away. seriously. i will cut you.


BM (before marriage) (also..ha!)
Valentines Day- Definition
Person A- day where you dream of your true love and hope he is the most romantic soul on the planet. and that every vday from hence there forth you will whisked off your feet and ride into the sunset...
Person B- day where you plan and attend a party called "i think vday is the most horrible holiday and if it were a person i would plot its gruesome death"...and even though you attend this party with your girlfriends and have a blast shredding sweet and sappy vday cards....you are hiding person A deep down in your soul.

AM (after marriage)
Person A- You love vday because your spouse sends you something romantic to work, cards, fruit, and you go out to eat, or he fixes you dinner. not exactly being swept off your feet, but it was acknowledged and you felt special.
Person B- a day where you are annoyed by everyone at your work getting vday surprises because you think that 1 day a year where your spouse has to show you his/her affection is the dumbest thing ever. you would rather it in a spontaneous way..not in an expected way..and you clearly spell this out for your spouse..about how you think it is such a silly holiday. but all day you are like, "did he SERIOUSLY not send me anything???" "well maybe it will be waiting for me at home""yeah..surely he has a surprise for me"....but besides a kiss on the cheek and an obligitory "happy vday"...you get jack crap. (you will still lay in bed though thinking that any second now....a surprise right??) NOPE.
because after all....you have made it very clear that you loathe vday. and your spouse will be like most men and think that means you truly could care less about it. and will take your word. and why should you be upset with him..after all he listened and was respecting your opinion.....BUT SERIOUSLY...NOT EVEN A CARD?! nwrogh8 h4jktbkajgh8wyh4th!!!!!

why are we women so bipolar??????

Person B


  1. i have always like valentines day. and for the SOLE and entire purpose of snail mail and cards. love them. always have. but it's really irrelevant to me otherwise. just felt the need to say there's a person C, who likes cards and could also care less that the day is about love or soul mates. :)

    1. you are so right cara dee! good to know...i love snail mail :)