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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


(the sartorialist)

i adore girls. i am aware that sounds weird. but i grew up in the land of girls. i have 5 sisters. drama and hairspray were expected scents in our house. oh and coffee.

when we all get together it is mass chaos. everyone fights to get a word in. stories are retold with only slight hyperbole's. someone almost always gets offended. usually its the youngest sister...sorry chris.
movies are quoted so much, and so effortlessly, that when non sisters are with us, they get confused at how the conversation switched so fast about liking blondes, chubby ones, or john wayne being tall...and then back to the original topic. but we all get it. (if you haven't seen "while you were sleeping"...get off your butt and watch it now..NOW)

you don't get much more girl. than my sisters. even the second to the youngest, steph, tries to be less girly..but even she admits that she really likes a good floral print dress and high heels.

i saw this pic on the sartorialist...which is my favorite website in the world. he loves capturing great clothing. but in this pic, it was more about the camaraderie. the women in the picture are swapping shoes. their reasons unknown. perhaps they realized their outfits would look better with each others shoes...maybe one of them was in pain and the other offered to swap her more comfortable shoes for the painful ones...(i prefer this story)

one of my most favorite things to do, is to get ready with other girls. oh it is so. much. fun.
you put some music on, and you cram into the tiny bathroom, fighting for mirror space. you would think that having the mirror all to yourself would be more beneficial for getting ready...it isn't. don't think that.
the fun part is having the conversations flowing about life, love, future plans, what you couldn't believe he/she said to you...or the help that you need.."do i need more bronzer?" "can you curl the back of my hair"

and then you get dressed. best part.
"which shoes?"
"too bootylicious?"
"does this look awkward?"
"necklace and no earrings, or earrings and no necklace?"

i love the advising. and the redo's and then you are done and ready to go out. 8 out of 10 times, the night is not as epic as you were hoping. in fact, many times the night didn't last as much as the primping did. but as long as you had that time with your girls before going out...it was worth it.

for me at least.


  1. I also wished I had sisters, but alas I only ever had a brother. But my 3 best girlfriends are totally like sisters to me, so I can definitely relate :)

  2. Ahhh we are the same. I grew up with all sisters, and there's just nothing like it. And I refused to wear pants until I was in third grade - and even then, I only transitioned into leggings because I could still wear them in bright colors. And my shoes always had to click.

    I think having sisters made a difference for me in my friendships. I've never understood how girls can say they don't get along with other girls, because my friendships are so special and there's nothing like them, you know?

    And GETTING READY. Listening to music so loud and the tornado that occurs with hair tools, makeup, and clothes. There's nothinnnng liiike ittttt.