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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas memory

i'm a sucker for sentiments. i love traditions. i try to start them all the time. i'm pretty sure all of us sisters are that way..we get it from our dad.
the weekend was full of sugar, shopping, pj's (specifically christmas colored), snuggling, games, coffee...strong coffee, and relaxing. oh..there were presents too :)

the mr improved his title as "christmas present outdoer"...like that was possible.
he got me a mac. yeah..that's an apple laptop. a really thin one. that fits in my purse. it's is shiny, beautiful, and i cannot take my eyes off of it. what did i get him? a laptop bag. yep. he loves it..but still..he spent 9 times as much as i did. SO not fair. i told him that next year..no presents for me..i'm buying him something ridiculous like a moped...
(side note: i recommend husbands...choose wisely and you will not regret it ;)

My family is huge, so we drew names this year. My brother in law drew me..and he went overboard...uhm i didn't mind. at all. he even got me the fox sweater from my wish list (ahem..click here)

and best of all...my mother in law, the one with the alzhimers...gave me bright red lipstick :)
i had taken her with me to pick up a gift for my friend kelly. she had a hard time keeping up with what we were doing..the questions flowed naturally, over and over, what are we doing? who is this for? is this for you? short term is the hardest for her to remember...but i answered each time as normal as if the first time, we are buying lipstick, for my friend kelly, this isn't for me, it is a christmas gift...well at some point during the line of questioning i answered, "because every girl deserves bright red lipstick..i'd love some"...i know i definitely only said that once....

so when i opened my beautiful scarf she had gotten me (and of course my sister in law had picked it out)..i noticed a tube of lipstick peeking out under the scarf...i looked at Cami and said, "how did you know i wanted some?!" and she explained that it wasn't her that knew...but it was Shannon..she remembered me saying i wanted some lipstick. and she was so excited that she remembered. nothing compares to this gift. it is actually the wrong shade, it is more bright pink...but it doesn't matter..it could have been orange...i will wear this lipstick proudly. it was the best christmas memory i will ever have...in more ways than one.

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  1. I love your honesty, and I love that you will always have such a great memory of this Christmas. I can't imagine how overwhelming and difficult that must be for your mother in law, and for family to witness it as well.

    I read the book Still Alice and it broke my heart, but I was so glad to learn more about what it is like for the person.