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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure there will be a "flurry" of activity in the next 2 days, so i'm posting my christmas wishes tonight..on the eve eve of christmas :)

i have been non stop that last few days. either with my mother in law, who is visiting, or with the wedding...you know..the last minute one...where i found out i was in charge of coordinating...yeah that one.
(it turned out great btw)

Having my m.i.l. here has been so fun. If you remember me posting back in August, about the time she was going to stay with us and backed out..i was very thankful that she decided to come for the holidays. I won't lie, it is not easy, but i am thankful for every moment. i am envious of friends of mine, who get "normal" relationships with their in laws...but overall, i love who she is, despite the Alzheimers..in fact...she is hilarious with the Alzheimers. i think you kinda have to laugh through some of it..or else you wouldn't survive.

anyway, i was asked to host christmas at my house, because my family wanted to be sensitive to what would make her most comfortable. of course, albeit stressful, i was thankful for their compassion and understanding. she has decided not to come..partly due to insecurity, and the other part discomfort, since this is "my" families christmas. i'm sad, but in a way relieved. which i hate admitting...but it is an honest feeling...if you have been around anyone with this dreadful disease, i'm sure you understand.

I'm super excited about her christmas present from the mr. and me! she wanted pictures, and my BEAUTIFUL friend Cara Dee offered to take them for us. We are making a scrap book for her to keep with her and show people. she has a care taker who she loves dearly, and wants to be able to talk about her family and be able to show pictures.
here are a few from the shoot:

(haha cami!)

and now my absolute favorite:

(dad and pup)

hope you have a very merry merry christmas! enjoy your loved ones!

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