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Friday, December 2, 2011

ugly days+shopping days= disaster

i had an ugly day yesterday..first off...i wore a collard shirt.
i never wear collared shirts. i always had on too tight jeggings (my husband refers to them as "spice girls music video pants" whatever that is supposed to mean).
My hair was dirty and pulled back, and i was bloated (worst part).

so i went shopping. bad idea. very bad.

and my super model looking best friend went with me...great fellowship, but didn't help my ugly state...i'm not sure if it was the fact that she is always so beautiful..in a "i'm native american and tan all year round, i just woke up, and don't have any makeup on and still look like i should be on a cover of a magazine" kind of way...or the fact that she looks like that, while 6 mths pregnant, and was wearing smaller sizes than me still kind of way.....Love you cara :)

either way...i felt gross.

i recently took my beautiful friend Nina shopping. she needed my expertise (so fun) for outfits to wear in a photoshoot with her family. She got her hair did, and makeup done by a professional. She looked amazing, and she felt confident, which made everything she put on, look fabulous. it was awesome.

Confidence is the key accessory for ANY outfit.

Well i definitely lacked this last night.
i felt like this:

(which was what i looked like in college...every day..no lie)

what i wanted to feel like:

not so much alike...

oh well, there is always tomorrow :)

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