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Thursday, December 22, 2011


i love music. so much. i love all types too. seriously. ok..i hate most country..pop country is awful.

my current obsessions are:

Adele, Florence &the Machine, and Sarah Bareilles (i've actually love her since 2006..she was less poppy then), bon iver.

i find that my favorite artists are typically sad, and bluesy. listening to them actually makes me feel sad. ha..but i love it still. and i won't stop.

default favs for a dreary day:
fine frenzy :almost lover
jeff buckley: hallelujah
bon iver: skinny love
swell season: falling slowly
adele:fire to the rain (or pretty much ANY of her songs)
iron&wine:all songs
missy higgins: where i stood.
that is just a snippet.

sobfests. i don't even know why. music just has that ability..for me at least.

i have heard multiple people talk about the civil wars. i've never listened to them..just because i kept forgetting to look them up. but i was reminded of them recently..and with all this spare time i've had...i looked them up.
they are lovely. and of course, they are soulful and sad.

but i will continue to listen and get slightly mopey.

in a good way :)

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