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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

almost there...

well, happy 2012!
aren't we all supposed to be living like the jetsons at this point? i'm pretty sure in the jetsons movie it's 2012...don't quote me on that. (btw i love the jetsons movie, and recently watched it..and it was as glorious as i remembered)

well this new year didn't bring flying cars, or space adventures..but it did bring resolutions fulfilled.
i usually don't make resolutions, but this year, i found myself holding onto a few things that i was determined to make happen. You may remember my bucket list post...i'm happy to report that a few things have been crossed off, or are on their way to being crossed off...
First off:
i wore fake eye lashes...not just once, but twice :)
i was determined to look glamorous on nye. i was hoping for an "epic" night..maybe with dancing...but no..my night was the exact opposite of glamorous. some friends had us over for games and snacks in our pjs. yep. pj's.
not exactly nye glamor. buuut.
i wore bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes anyway :)
sometimes you just gotta do it..even if the circumstances are less than perfect.
(we had a blast by the way)

2nd thing.
Morning Person.
Although this one isn't quite accomplished..i'm happy to say that this whole week has consisted of me rising earlier than normal and reading my bible, drinking coffee, and yes..this morning, blogging.
it has been hard. but not as hard as i thought. in fact, i've looked forward to it. my little personal hour to be alone and enjoy my room(the infamous unfinished one).

key ingredients to becoming a morning person:
automatic coffee maker-just discovered these buttons on my coffee pot..great invention
large, warm robe-part of not wanting to get out of bed is because it's cold out there! but this helps me get going..and is not far from reach once the covers are off.
getting to bed early-this is a no brainer...helps so much
jack-(not daniels..although....jk) having my quiet companion lay beside me is quite comforting. he lays there and just watches me and lets me tuck my feet underneath his mangy fur.
baby steps- becoming a morning person isn't going to be easy. so i have not set my alarm for 6am or anything like that...the first morning i set it for 30 min earlier than usual...and each morning i increase it. it you go too overboard, you won't do it. it has to be gradual.

These have been my key ingredients. But something important to remember:
part of committing to something in your heart and mind, means doing it even if the "ideal" or "desired" ingredients or elements aren't in place. A few nights have been rough for me...i've had a dreadful cold, but i still had to get up. I almost felt like it was an attack, trying to keep me from pursuing my hearts desires...well i am not giving up yet.




  1. I am so with you on becoming a morning person. That was one of my goals for this year, too! WE CAN DO THIS. Before you know it, we'll be those people that can't wait to wake up in the morning.

    Remember SQUEEP??

  2. that was supposed to be a link to see him. you should probably copy and paste it because I promise you won't regret it

  3. I love squeep! that pic was adorable! anytime you want to watch a really cheesy movie from childhood...call me!!