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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

bucket list...

this is not a "things i want to do before i die..." this is more of a "things i want to do that are silly, but if i don't do them in the next 2 years i'll go big time crazy on all yall's" kinda list...

In no particular order here they are:

1 Buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes...these to be exact


2 To wear falsies:
no not false teeth silly..false eye lashes

(this sounds silly, but i've really wanted to do this!)

3 Have an adventure....not in the states!
thinking of possibly Argentina or Brazil!

(this is in Rio De Janero)

4 Run a marthon:
i am sure if you have ever read my blog..you know that me and working out isn't exactly...natural...but, i really feel like getting fit is a priority and i want to say that i ran one at least once in my life..or twice :)

(the abs wouldn't hurt either:)

5 Go here:

(true story: i've never been to NYC and i'm DYING to go!)

6 have the guts to sky dive...
oy vey..

7 Go to an art gallery...never been...always wanted to go

(where i can marvel at a painting and stand there until it "speaks" something absurd to me..ha)

8 To become a morning person...(this may be the hardest)

9 to finish my front room...ya know..this one:

and lastly...and because i had to have 10...
10 to be the favorite auntie to 3 very important babies:

(this baby first...)

(then this one)

(and lastly this one!)

wow...what a fun 2 years i'm about to have ;)

1 comment:

  1. I found your blog from Cara Dee! We have a bunch of mutual friends, so I hope that's not creeptastic :)

    Such a good list! the falsies are a must. I wore them at a wedding once and now I make excuses to wear them for any special occasion.

    And New York! You must go. It will speak to your style loving heart. I have a whole pinterest board of my New York favorites since I am based there.

    Merry Christmas!