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Sunday, December 4, 2011

and it was alll yellow

that was how my day was.

no i didn't not buy a bunch of yellow stuff...but it was the perfect day.

shopping with my mom was a blast. tried out some new stores, they were all have sales because it was a "shop local weekend". so i scored some great bargains, and my mom was a great help. I bought flats, a skirt, 2 shirts, and 3 pairs of earrings. And, i decided to keep some wedge booties i had bought, but was leery of it i could pull them off. which i decided, yes i can. Here are some of the looks i purchased this week:

These are my new boots:

(4inch heels...which makes me 6ft when i wear them..yikes)

(the lookbook.nu)
these skirts are great for winter, they can be dressy or casual and worn with boots, or flats, leggings/tights. and super comfy. plus they always make me feel like a dancer :)

I had been looking for a cream blouse..and finally found one at Khols. of all places.
it's lighter than this shade, and has bright gold buttons. it's sheer and is great for spring or fall/winter. you can wear it tucked into trouser jeans, or wear it over skinny jeans (i feel like to pull it off that way, you need to get one that is long enough to cover the booty)

I also found a great blazer

(i did not buy this exact one :)

So..Viva Las Vegas!

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